Easy Steps To Trim Your Pubic Hair On Your Own

Can't go to your trusty waxing salon? DIY with these tips!

By Evelyn
Easy Steps To Trim Your Pubic Hair On Your Own

Why you should be grooming your pubic hair

Have you wondered about the purpose of pubic hair? Does it really have one? Do you find it annoying and want to shave it off? Are you comfortable with a full bush down there? If you are, you're not in the majority. Many women like to trim their pubic hair or have it removed completely due to personal preferences or because their partners have asked them to do it.

The fact is that pubic hair has a purpose. Above all, it lessens friction during sexual intercourse and it prevents the transmission of bacteria and other pathogens. It may serve other purposes, but these two are the main ones. Let's see what other things pubic hair does.

It acts like a buffer

The skin on your genital area is very delicate (you've notice right?). One of the purposes of pubic hair is to act as a buffer during sex or other activities because if helps reduce friction down there. Also, according to some studies, pubic hair has been referred to as a "dry lubricant". Just think about it, it's easier to rub hair against hair than it is to rub skin against skin. Plus, pubic hair keeps your genitals warm and if you didn't know, that's an important factor during sexual arousal.

Protects from pathogens and bacteria

Have you pondered about the function of your eyelashes or your nose hair? They have an important one, they trap dirt, debris, and any potential harmful microorganism that wants to get inside you. Pubic hair serves the same function down there. In addition to that, the sebum produced by the hair follicles prevents bacteria from reproducing protecting you against certain infections (STI's, UTI's, yeast infections, to name a few).

Reasons why people remove it

When it comes to pubic hair everyone has a preference and what some prefer shouldn't be the norm. You should be able to decide what suits you best and what you find comfortable. There are some reasons why women like to trim or even go all bare down there.

According to a study published on JAMA Dermatology in 2016, 80% of women in the US groom their pubic hair for different reasons. In a survey, women were asked why they did it. 60% of them said they did it for hygiene and cleanliness. 46% of those women said they groomed their pubic hair as part of their daily routine and 32% did it because it made their vagina look nicer.

Other reasons why women groomed their pubic hair is because their partner has asked them to do it. Men prefer women with little or no pubic hair. They say that it looks better and oral sex is more enjoyable. Another important reason why women groom down there is that they think it is more hygienic. This is a misconception though, pubic hair is not unhygienic. Like any other hair in your body, it traps oil, sweat, and bacteria, the odor may be stronger but as long as you wash regularly, there shouldn't be any concerns.

That being said, the reason why you should groom your pubic hair should be very personal. Whether it's for social norms or because your partner required it, or because you prefer a more trim bush, or because you think it increases sensation during sex... don't forget that you're in charge there. Consider the pros and cons and do what feels and looks good for you.

Types of female grooming style

Whatever the reason to choose to groom your pubic hair, you have many options to do it. You can choose to wax it, sugar wax it, trim it, shave it, use a hair removal cream, or remove it by laser. No matter the method, remember to exfoliate the area before you do it to remove dead skin cells so the chance of ingrown hair is reduced.

The pubic hair grooming industry is a big one (thanks to some cultural standards of beauty that influence many people's choices on their appearances, and that includes pubic hair), if you're part of this culture, there are endless styles to groom it, so much so that it could get confusing. Believe it or not, there are even trends in the styles and apparently they are ever-changing. So if you want to be in the loop and want to achieve the latest pubic hair grooming style, here are 6 options you can choose from. 

1. The Brazilian

This is the option if you want to go all bare down there. It's called the King of all waxes and if it's your first time you're going to wax your pubic hair, this is not recommended. It involves removing all hair around the pubic and anal areas. This grooming style is just for the brave. You could do it yourself but if you want to really achieve it you should go to a waxing professional.

2. The full bush

This style actually requires no grooming but it is a choice, right? You choose to do absolutely nothing with your pubic hair and just leave it in its natural state. For some this completely natural style is very sexy, for the one wearing it and for the one admiring it. Some even say that they like the scent the pubic hair holds and that it improves sensations during sex. Whatever the reason, this style is carefree and requires very low maintenance, just a little trimming once in a while to keep it neat.

3. The Landing Strip

Also known as the French Waxing, this pubic hair grooming style is a popular one. You can choose this option if you want to keep your pubic area neat without removing all hair. You can achieve this style by waxing it or by shaving it. You'll need to trim it to the same width as your natural folds, and two to three widths-long (just above the vulva). Use a mirror to make sure your landing strip is centered not crooked.

4. The Bikini style

The Bikini grooming style is very low maintenance too. It requires the removal of the pubic hair that's exposed by the bikini, it's beach-friendly and really easy to achieve. You can do it yourself if you choose to groom it by shaving instead of waxing. All you need to do is shave down the general pubic area, the size is up to you, it could resemble a triangle. Trim the length a little so it looks tidy too. This style may require that you shave along the creases of your legs and below the belly button.

5. The fantasy style

If you want to be a little playful and have a unique grooming style down there, then you should consider the fantasy style. This means you can shave or trim or wax your pubic hair in a style of your own (to fulfill a fantasy maybe?) You can groom it in a heart shape style (sounds kind of difficult to achieve on your own but it's doable) You'll really need to get up close and personal down there and you'll need a small handheld mirror and maybe some tweezers to achieve the perfect heart.

6. The sparkle style

You can go crazy here. This choice of pubic hair grooming style may not be for every day, you can choose it for special occasions like Valentine's day or an anniversary. The goal here is to make your "garden" sparkle with a trend that's called pubic personalization. You can choose to apply gems to your pubic area (letters or shapes), you can choose to dye it, or even add a temporary tattoo.

How to trim your pubic hair with scissors

The most basic option (and cost-saving) of grooming your pubic hair is by using a comb and scissors. You can do it yourself easily, all you'll need is a pair of good scissors and a hair comb. How to do it? Start by combing your pubic hair smooth and then lay the comb flat against your skin and cut the hair above the comb. The comb comes handy because it acts as protection so you don't nick or cut the delicate skin around your pubic area.

The length of the style is up to you but if you don't want the hair cut too short then don't lay the comb right against the skin. Be sure to follow the guide of your first cut so you have an even trim instead of a choppy one.

Post grooming: What to do if it becomes itchy?

What you do after grooming your pubic area is just as important as what you do before. Before, you need to prep the area to avoid ingrowth hair and irritation by doing a light exfoliation of the area. After grooming, you need to give your pubic area skin a little TLC so it doesn't become itchy. Some grooming methods remove hair from the root, your follicles and pores become open and a little inflamed, in order to avoid discomfort down there due to irritation or bumps or ingrowth hair use this tricks.

  • Use a soother and a moisturizer. To combat inflammation of the area apply a salicylic acid treatment, let it dry and then apply a moisturizer or a soother to condition the skin and prevent itchiness.
  • Avoid tight clothing and use cotton underwear (if possible).
  • Don't scratch it. 

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If you don't have the time and the money to go to a professional to groom your pubic hair, don't despair. You can do it yourself by using scissors or shavers, or even wax. Choose a grooming style and just go for it.