Do You Have A Small Penis Or A Small Penis Syndrome?

Are you suffering mentally or physically with a small penis?

By Michele
Do You Have A Small Penis Or A Small Penis Syndrome?

This is a question that most of the men are willing to ask, but can’t do so due to some personal reasons. I am not a medical expert, but according to my research, it can be clearly said that most of the guys out there is a victim of this complex that they have a small package. Most guys have an average size, but that doesn't make them feel comfortable or satisfied with it. In this read, I will discuss some important information so that you can answer yourself: Do You Have a Small Penis or a Small Penis Syndrome?

What Is Considered A Small Package?

This would clear a lot of misconceptions and help you understand reality. Let's state the truth here that pornographic content, readily available over the internet, has damaged the self-esteem of several men and women. People underestimate their sexual features and enter into some sort of sexual depression. That batters the normal level of sexual confidence at an alarming rate.  

A small package is known as micropenis and nearly less than 1% of guys have this use. According to medical research, the micropenis issue is very rare and it can be diagnosed during infancy. And during adulthood, a micropenis has a length of nearly 2 to 2.5 inches when erect. So now you know where you stand.

What Is A Small Penis Syndrome (SPS)?

It is not a typical medical condition, as it has more to do with the anxiety and stress of the unknown. Guys who have small penis syndrome do not have a small penis. In reality, they are a victim of extreme anxiety related to the size of their penis. There is no such medical diagnosis that states a penis to be too small apart from the micropenis discussed above.

Small penis syndrome is more of a mental disorder that disrupts a guy’s perception of his manhood. It is a case of immense and unnecessary anxiety that can later disturb one's sexual confidence and performance. Most of the guys have small penis syndrome and feel the utmost shame about the natural size of their penis. It is a grave mistake made by guys when they have an average penis.

7 Signs That You Are Suffering From SPS

Read these symptoms carefully. They will help detect and deal with SPS. I would highly recommend you to seek medical help in case you have complex symptoms. With time, these symptoms can get intense and play havoc with your sex life. This could affect your partner and your relationship. Stay safe and work together to get rid of SPS.

1. Are You Trying to Overcompensate?

A guy having SPS will spend money on some visible objects like cars, clothes, watches, etc. It is a stunt to drive attention away from the subject – small penis syndrome. These tactics are useless, as you are not small down there to an extent that you imagine.

2. Do You Take the Frustration Out?

After all, a guy will find some sort of habit to cover up his SPS. He might buy a huge vehicle, play endless video games and so similar things that can help bring frustration out. It is not easy for a man to cover up things so he starts doing stuff through which he can vent his emotions out.

3. Do You Feel Jealous?

Feeling jealous of other men? Is it your friends or family? It is a clear indicator that you are insecure about your manhood and every other man seems like a potential threat to you. This indicator is common in men having SPS, who do not let their girlfriends mingle with other family members. Such men are always playing the role of an insecure man and destroy their relations at the end.

4. Do You Pamper Yourself a Lot?

Guys having SPS will spend a lot of time grooming their looks. Just to make up for their syndrome. Manscaping is something else, but being too much of a metrosexual won't help you out. Relax; hair looks fine on your arms, chest, and even legs.

5. Do You Feel Less of a Man?

If that’s the case then you would not like to be related to anything which is linked with women. Listening about womanly issues makes you feel sick and in the same manner, it is threatening for you to do any sort of task that women do. Just for the sake of making up for your lost or in doubt manliness. It is not easy at all living like this.

6. Do You Create Drama

As it has been discussed earlier that guys having SPS carry a lot of frustration. They think that they have a small penis and that annoys them very much. A man who lives by drama is certainly a victim of SPS. He will bitch, moan, and even create issues with friends and family. It needs to be understood that the male psyche is bounded by the ego, which is quite fragile.

7. Do You Pretend a Lot?

Men having SPS usually boast a lot about their exceptional sex life. Just for the sake of talk. Otherwise, when it comes down to performing they might be nil. Spinning stories in your favor just to give a fake boost to your sexual confidence would not help at all. Deep down you know what is your issue and where do you stand.

So here are the 7 definite signs that tell You Are Suffering From SPS. See how all of them are different from the other and have nothing to do with any medical condition. Nearly all of them are psychological issues that can be dealt with.

How to Overcome SPS

SPS can be easily treated. Guys having mild anxiety can take help from different sources of research related to penis size and see where they stand. In the same manner, sexual performance can be gauged personally or one can even inquire about the partner and find reassurance and support. Medical researches highly suggest that nearly 90% of the women are satisfied with the penis size. So stay cool.

Extreme cases of small penis syndrome will require medical treatment, in any form, to feel confident once again. Let us see what options are available for the subjects of SPS.

Taking Help from a Doctor

A doctor can greatly help in overcoming small penis syndrome. To get the best out of your discussion session, you need to prepare a few questions to ask your doctor.

  • Is the length of my penis alright?
  • Do I fall under the category of average penis size?
  • Do other guys also feel anxious about their penis size or it is just me?
  • What do I need to do to get rid of anxiety?
  • Do I need a therapist for my SPS?
  • Can controlling anxiety help me deal with sexual dysfunction?

Sex Therapy

When SPS hits a guy, seeking sex therapy can be beneficial. Do it before it starts affecting your relationship and your sexual performance. Therapy sessions meant for couples effectively help in dealing with anxiety.

Addressing the Root Cause

If there is any sort of relationship problem that triggers SPS, it needs to be addressed at once. You cannot move forward before solving basic issues. In the same manner, you need to stop watching porn and idealizing those porn stars. They are professional performers and it is their job. You just focus on living your life up. Identify the problematic areas and live stress and anxiety-free life.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Under this therapy, a guy gets trained on how to understand different thoughts that affect sexual behavior and feelings. When unwanted thoughts have controlled the level of anxiety is also brought down significantly. It is one of the best ways of getting rid of SPS.

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SPS is not a medical issue, as it is more related to one’s sexual insecurity and anxiety. If you face any of the symptoms, discussed above, seek medical attention as once. SPS can wreak havoc on your normal sex life, if left untreated, as it can further lead to sexual performance issues like premature ejaculation, lack of libido, etc.

Do not ever reach that point, control it right here, so that you can enjoy a healthy sex life. You have a nice package, stay confident, and keep banging.