18 Fairytale Gowns That Will Make You A Princess

18 gorgeous grown for prom, weddings or even Halloween!

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18 Fairytale Gowns That Will Make You A Princess

Rise Of Real-Life Fairytales In Movies

Have you noticed the avalanche of live-action fairytale movies coming to your theater? In the last 10 years, studios (Disney) have been making remakes of their famous fairytales casting real-life actors to portray all the beloved characters you've enjoyed in the animated versions. Once they started and hit it big, they discovered that all the re-spinning of all the recognizable and fantastical animated characters will give them but loads of money while also delighting all the fans. Are you a fan of real-life fairytales in movies?

Disney has actively been ensuring that fans stayed in touch with their childhoods by re-making their fairytales and bringing back all those beloved characters with live-action remakes. They started with two fans favorites like "The Jungle Book" and "The Beauty and The Beast". both were very well received, so if you liked those two, you're in for many more treats because the entertainment giant has more in store.

This rise in fairytales with live-action remakes is not ending anytime soon. Fairytales' classics like "Snow White" to the recently released "Aladdin" or the upcoming "Little Mermaid", Disney has quite a list of live-action remakes in production or ready for release. Some of the movies are remakes of the fairytales, while others are either based on their original stories or sequels to existing live-action adaptations, like Maleficent.

The Beauty and The Beast really make waves thanks to the portrayal of Emma Watson as a modern Belle, The movie was a huge hit. Since Aladdin's debut in May of this year, it has grossed over $900 million globally (not bad), Will Smith kills it as the Genie. Dumbo also made its debut on March and it did well on the box office sales ($350 million). 

The most recent debut of real-life remakes was The Lion King, starring Beyonce as Nala, Donald Glover as Simba and Mr. James Earl Jones as Mufasa. the movie did well and was liked by the fans but some said it can't replace the animated version. It was directed by John Favreau (who also directed the real-life remake of The Jungle Book in 2016). People still love this feisty lion cub who couldn't wait to be king.

The following are other real-life fairytales that are in the works and will definitely contribute to the rise of this type of movies. 

Maleficent: The Mistress of Evil

Maleficent never had her own animated film, but her pivotal role in Sleeping Beauty was enough to grant her a real-life movie. The first movie was released in 2014 and was a great hit, so she's back with Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (to be released on October 2019).

Lady and the Tramp

This particular live-action remake won't actually make the theaters, it will make its debut on Disney+ (their upcoming streaming service). This adorable dog-filled fairytale will have the portrayals of Tessa Thompson, Justin Theroux, Janelle Monáe and Sam Elliot.


If you're a Mulan fan, you will finally get to see your favorite sword heroine in a live-action remake in March of 2020. Chinese actress Liu Yifei was cast in the role of Mulan and this real-life reboot will introduce a lot of new characters who are new to the original animated movie.


When Disney first brought back the white-and-black haired villain, the role was played brilliantly by Glen Close and it was called their animated version in 1961, 101 Dalmatians. On this new real-life action remake, Emma Stone is going to take on the role of Cruella De Vil and this time they are going to focus on the origin of the villain. This movie is directed by Craig Gillespie and will make its debut in 2020.

The Sword in The Stone

The animated version released in 1963 will be reinterpreted for the real-life action movie by Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman and will be directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. It'll be based on or it will use T.H. White's works from The Once and Future King book series, it will be a movie for Disney+ streaming service.

The Little Mermaid

For this real-life fairytale movie, the role of Ariel will be played by Halle Bailey and the musical score will be provided by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Alan Menken. It'll be directed by Rob Marshall and will start production in 2020.

The list goes on, they are thinking of doing another live-action remake of Peter Pan and his loyal companion Tinkerbell is also supposed to get her own live version. Also, there are rumors about doing a real-life remake of one of The Prince Charming (Cinderella or Snow White). The beloved Lilo & Stitch is also in the works for a live-action adaptation.

18 Fairytale Gowns That Will Make You A Princess (Even After Midnight!)

Fancy looking like a real-life princess? There are gowns out there that can make you feel like you're in a fairytale. Which Princess is your favorite? Maybe Belle or Ariel or Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella? Too many choices! We may think ourselves mature and to stylish an adult but don't you agree that sometimes it's fun to look at gowns that can take us back to our childhood and maybe sprinkle a little dust fairy on our wardrobe?

You can look and feel like a real princess whether you go to your prom or to a wedding (how about a fairytale wedding gown sound?) or even Halloween. What makes a fairytale-like gown? Designs with intricate embroidery, gowns with a lot of volumes and of course, timeless silhouettes are some of the characteristics to look for in your fairytale gown. 

We've compiled a list of gowns you can wear to prom, to a wedding or to Halloween so you'll feel like a real-life princess, even after the clock strikes twelve. wink

Fairytale Gowns For Proms

Prom is one of those occasions where you can dress up like a fairytale princess, even if that's not the Prom's theme. It provides the perfect chance to wear a beautiful gown and pretend you're Cinderella so you can dance with your prince all night long. Or how about a mermaid-style dress to channel your Ariel, or a beautiful and sparkling blue dress to look like Elsa? 

Take a look at these fairytale gowns that will dazzle your prince.

1. Premium Tulle Maxi Prom Dress with Ribbon by ASOS DESIGN

Premium Tulle Maxi Prom Dress

Fancy looking like Cinderella? This blue gown dress is the perfect choice to copy this beloved princess style. You'll steal all the limelight in this flowing dress Cinderella-style, you can pair it with some sparkling accessories like silver heels and some blink.

2. Square-Neck Lace-Bodice Two-Piece Long Prom Dress

Square-Neck Lace-Bodice Two-Piece Long Prom Dress

You can look like Jasmine from Aladdin too. This teal two-piece gown is just what you need, this is Jasmine's style throughout the movie (crop top and pants). This gown will definitely add glamour to the look and will make you feel like a princess for your prom.

3. She Got Shine Metallic Gown by Fashion Nova

She Got Shine Metallic Gown

Elsa's Frozen has a very princess-style look and there are tons of dresses out there to match her style. One of them is this emerald blue gown with a metallic look, it emulates all the sparkling that Elsa is famous for. You'll feel like "letting it go" from the first moment you wear it.

4. Plunging Neckline Morilee Formal Dress

Plunging Neckline Morilee Formal Dress

Want to channel your inner Ariel and look like a princess from the sea? This is the perfect mermaid gown for you. You'll feel so glamorous in this stretch taffeta dress and you'll look sexy too thanks to the deep V-back.

5. High Neckline Sherri Hill Prom Dress

High Neckline Sherri Hill Prom Dress

Belle's ball gown for The Beauty and the Beast is iconic and so beautiful, so you can't be wrong wearing something that resembles it. This high neckline prom dress in yellow will help you have the look of Belle so you can imagine having the best time at your prom with your own Beast.

6. Rose Lace Puff Sleeve Frill Detail Bodycon Dress

Rose Lace Puff Sleeve Frill Detail Bodycon Dress

Do you want to look like Rapunzel? Fairytale gowns are by design long but you can make an exception here because these puff sleeve short dress will help you copy Rapunzel's style in Tangle and will make the perfect dress to wear to your prom.

Fairytale Gowns To go to and even for your wedding

Have you been invited to a wedding and are fretting because you can't find the right gown to wear? Have you always wished to get married in the most beautiful fairytale gown so you'll look like a princess walking down the aisle? The following are some fairytale-worthy wedding gowns to fit your favorite princess.

7. Disney's Elsa Inspired Wedding Dress

Disney's Elsa Inspired Wedding Dress

This stunning gown is part of Disney's Fairytale Weddings and is inspired by Frozen's Elsa. With the sheer cape paired with a split front skirt and the snow intricate details, you'll look amazing on your wedding day, polished and so chic!

8. Snow White Wedding Dress

Snow White Wedding Dress

With this fairytale gown, you'll look like Snow White walking down the aisle to your Prince Charming, it's very similar to the one she wore on the animate film. 

9. Princess Aurora Wedding Gown

Princess Aurora Wedding Gown

Isn't this gown breathtaking?! If you want to emulate Princess Aurora look in Sleepin Beuty this is the gown for you. She wears a few different colored gowns in the film, though this soft pale pink is gorgeous.

10. Rapunzel's Wedding Gown

Rapunzel's Wedding Gown

You may not have the hair length of Rapunzel but that can't stop you from wearing this Rapunzel's inspired gown for your wedding. The flowers attached to the dress are a beautiful detail and resemble the flowers attached to Rapunzel's gown and hair in Tangled.

11. Ball Gown One Shoulder Floor Length Formal Dress

Ball Gown One Shoulder Floor Length Tulle Dress

This gown will make you look like a fairytale princess while you attend a wedding. Can you imagine dancing in your prince's arms all night long in it? 

12. A-Line Scoop Floor Length Tulle Formal Dress

A-Line Scoop Neck Floor Length Tulle Formal Dress

You'll feel like a fairytale princess in this gown, in this color, it could be an iteration of Snow Whites' gown. Your prince charming would be ecstatic to escort you to the wedding.

Fairytale Gowns for Halloween

Halloween's around the corner, have you decided yet how you're going to dress up? Fancy being a real-life princess? It's always nice to get back to your childhood and put a little magic in your costume. Take a look at these fairytale gowns you can wear for Halloween.

13. Classic Beauty Fairytale Cinderella Princess Long Dress

Classic Beauty Fairytale Cinderella Gown

Channel your best Cinderella this next Halloween in this fairytale costume gown. You'll look like a princess even after midnight.

14. Blue Fairytale Princess Dress

Blue Fairytale Princess Dress

This is another option for going the Cinderella way. If you want to change it a little bit, you can throw a cape and be Princess Aurora. 

15. Fairytale Princess Dress Belle Halloween Costume

Fairytale Princess Dress Belle Halloween Costume

You can look like a sexy Belle with this costume gown on your Halloween party.

16. Aurora Coronation Gown Deluxe Adult Costume

Aurora Coronation Gown Adult Deluxe Costume

Arrived at your Halloween party ready to become Quen with this fairytale gown.

17. Princess Fairytale Skirt Apron Corset Halloween Costume

Princess Fairytale Skirt Apron Corset Halloween Costume

Fancy being a kick-ass sword heroine this Halloween? You'll achieve that look with this Mulan inspired gown.

18. Princess Fairytale Red Dress Halloween Costume

Princess Fairytale Red Dress Halloween Costume

Be any fairytale princess you like with this red gown while trick-or-treating this Halloween.

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Fairytales are a sweet part of our childhood and many women dream of one day wearing a dress that makes them feel like real-life princesses, whether for Prom, a wedding or for Halloween. If it's your thing, the gowns above will definitely help you achieve that princess look you always dreamed of.