40 Caring Ways To Be Nice To People That'll Set An Example For All

Today, it seems more important to be right than to be nice, to neglect than to care. That stops here, with 40 caring ways to be nice to all people!

By Reggie
40 Caring Ways To Be Nice To People That'll Set An Example For All

The world needs nice people

In today's society, it seems that a caring attitude is becoming less and less common, and hate is slowly, but surely, taking its place. This can't continue! The world needs caring people: People who are kind and nice to others. People who will set an example for the next generation. But how do we change this trend? Simple β€” one caring act at a time. Here are 40 caring ways to be nice to people and set an example for everyone: each one is just as important as the next, but all of them should be practiced every day.

Communicate with people

When we hear the word communication, we tend to think of talking β€” and just talking. But communication is more than just talking: it's also listening, body language, and eye contact. Communication can be negative; communication can be positive. It's all how you approach it that shows you care, and if done right, you're a few steps closer to being the kind person that sets an example for everyone.

1. Communicate in a nice manner

Stupid, idiot, ignorant, birdbrain, bozo, weirdo. These words, and many more, are all very insulting. Words that should never be used when communicating to another individual β€” not a stranger, not a friend, certainly not family, If you truly want to be kind to others, then your communication with others must be done in a kind manner. We learn at an early age to use kind words when speaking to others, so that shouldn't change as we become older and a tad bit grumpier. Communicate in a kind manner.

2. Eye contact

Eye contact is not always the easiest, and for many people, it causes certain levels of discomfort. Consider Austin Powers. In "Austin Powers in Goldmember," when Austin is introduced to "The Mole," instead of making eye contact, Austin can't help but to point out the actual mole on the man's face. Or, perhaps a more realistic example would be when a man talks to a woman: The man's eyes tend to gaze slowly from the eyes to her bodily features. Men, pshh! The point is, eye contact is always tough; but, it shows that you care, that you're invested in the conversation, and it certainly shows kindness. Use eye contact.

3. Listen to people

Open up those wonderful ears and hear! Don't just blabber on and on about your wonderful job, family, friends and money or how you would have been a famous actor or actress but your voice gave out at the age of 20. Refrain from that. That not only shows you don't care, but it's also annoying to your listener. In order to care, you must listen to what others have to say, too. Listening is a from of communication, and people love a good listener. So, listen.

4. Be slow to speak

Similar to the suggestion above, we also must be slow to speak. This is a challenge, and there's no doubt that everyone can name a couple friends who just can't help but chime in on every conversation. You may be talking about the way the grass grows, and sure enough, they find a way to give their two cents. This isn't a bad thing, but it shows kindness if you think about what others are saying, and only chime in if you feel that it is necessary. Sometimes silence is great form of caring.

5. No interruptions please

The final caring way, to show kindness through communication is to β€” let the speaker finish! If you are constantly interrupting someone who is talking, then do you really care about what they have to say? The answer is no. To show kindness, let the person finish their thoughts, and then you can speak on your thoughts. You need at least two people to have a conversation. Don't be a one-man show.

Have a positive attitude

There's something about a person with a positive attitude. You can see them from a distance, and you may not even know them, but if they have a positive attitude, then they are more than likely kind individuals.

6. Be happy

To show others you care, put on a happy face and smile. A nice person tends to be a happy person, and a happy person is a person we want to be around. If you work on making yourself happy, then you'll notice many people wanting to talk with you: parents, siblings, friends β€” even strangers.

7. Don't worry so much

There is so much in this world to worry about: family, jobs, money, the Kardashians. But do we need to worry about everything? I think the Kardashians will be fine on their own. If you worry about everything, then you will not find any time to care for others, and being kind will take a back seat to your worries. Worry less, and make more time for kindness.

8. A nice voice shows you care

Singing, "la la la la!" No, that's not what this means. We are not talking about a nice singing voice (although it may be nice to listen to). We are talking about a kind voice. Think of your parent's soothing voice, or the voice of a kind elementary teacher. If you have a kind voice, a voice that shows you care, then people will view you as a nice individual.

Show respect β€” for everyone

Respect is a great, caring way to be nice to people. However, you shouldn't pick and choose who you are respectful to. Be a good example of a nice person by respecting everyone around you.

9. Ask and listen

People love when you ask them sincere questions. Not all people, but many; this is especially true in the work place and at home. Ask your parents a question. They will be so happy to help, and most importantly, it shows that you care about their response.

10. Encourage ideas

Want to be a nice individual? Encourage others' input β€” even if you feel that your ideas are better. A caring person will encourage people around them to share their ideas. Then, the next time someone has a question or problem, they will come to you, because you showed them you're a nice person. People love feeling valued.

11. Put the tips you learn from people to use

Once you have heard what others have to say, your next step is to put their tips to use. For example, ask your significant other what you can do to help lower her stress. Right away, they will be blown away; put what they said to use, and they will be amazed by the way you care about their thoughts.

12. Insults are not a good way to show you care

Blurting out an insult is a great way to lose friends, and no one will believe that you are nice. Keep the insults to yourself, even if the person deserves it. Be the stronger person, the better example, and show your a nice person by keeping insults to yourself.

13. body language

Your body langues speak loud volumes. When someone is speaking with you, whether it be a parent, friend, or stranger, use good body language. Stand up straight, make eye contact, and occasionally nod your head. If you can't do this; then take up a couple acting lessons because this is a great way to show you care.

Own up to your mistakes

We all make mistakes (yes, even you reading this). Mistakes just happen, both big and small. Own up to them! A nice person will realize their mistakes and own up to them. Here are some ways to do this tough task.

14. It's called accountability: practice it

Accountability is simply taking ownership of your actions. If you mess up and spill milk on the rug, lie to your significant other, or lose a document at work β€” own up to it! No one likes a person who tries to cover up their mistakes. A person who cares will take accountability and own up to mistakes, setting a great example for everyone around them.

15. Apologize if necessary

Again, if you mess up, own up. Then, if needed, apologize to anyone you hurt with your mistake. Yes, it is hard to face a person you hurt. But a simple apology can help turn that hurt into healing.

16. Be sincere

If the words "Yeah, whatever!" come out of anyone's mouth, they are likely not the nicest person in the world. Be sincere with what you say. Mean it and show it. A sincere person is a caring person, and those are the examples we need to set.

17. Work hard to fix your flaws

We make mistakes because we're flawed. Wouldn't it be nice to be perfect? Oh, what a dream. But it will never happen. When you make a mistake, or say an unkind thing, work on it and fix your flaws to be a better person. A nice person is someone who is willing to work at their own flaws.

18. Treat everyone the same

We mentioned this briefly, but it is extremely important when it comes to being a nice person: Treat everyone the same. Don't pick and choose who you are nice to and who you are rude to. Just like parents will never pick a favorite child, you shouldn't pick certain people to be kind or rude to. Everyone deserves kindness.

The little things matter

Everything in this world is so fast paced: the cars, the technology, the retirement home scooters. At the speed we all go each day, it's hard to stop, look around, and see all the problems in this world. Be nice, and do small deeds once in awhile.

19. Holding doors

This is a lost art for sure. Even more sad, is that some people will get mad if you hold the door for them. Yes, it's true! You hold the door for someone at a certain distance, and they feel that you are rushing them. Never-mind these people. Hold the door for all people, and the smiles you see will be proof that, in that moment, you were a great example of a person who cares.

20. Give people a nice greeting

Say hello to people β€” strangers, too! A kind morning greeting will go a long way, and before you know it, people will be greeting you all the time. Why? Well, because they view you as a caring and kind person.

21. Throw out some compliments

Just like a greeting, a compliment will also go a long way. And how hard is it really? I love your dress, miss. I really like your hair, sir. See, simple.

22. Put others before you

A great way to be kind to others is by putting them first β€” even before you. It may be easier to put your family members before you, but try doing this for others, and you will make their day (well, at least part of it).

23. Treat someone to a drink or meal

You hear of people doing this act on occasion: now, it's your time to try. Show this nice act by buying someone a drink, or purchasing a fast-food meal for the car behind you. It goes a long way.

24. Treat strangers like family

In a healthy family relationship, we will treat our parents, siblings, and other relatives fairly well. Take this treatment out of the house and into the world. Treat strangers the way you would treat your family.

25. Ask someone a question: don't be afraid

Ask a random person a question. This sounds silly, but it will completely shock the person on the receiving end of the question. A simple question goes a long way: Excuse me, miss? Where did you get that lovely purse? She will probably blush, and lose her words at your caring question. Then, she will go about her day the happiest girl in town. All because you asked a nice question.

26. Lend someone a helping hand

If you see someone in need, don't just stare β€” help them. Carry something for a person who has too many things in their hands, pick something up for a person who drops an item, or give a dollar to someone in need. All great ways to be nice to someone.

27. Hold back that rage

Put others first by containing that rage inside: you know, that rage when someone cuts you in line. Let. It. Go. Choose to be nice rather than retaliate.

28. Be fair, but just

This is a big one for parents: they have to be fair to all their children. We too, need to be fair to the people in our lives. However, at the same time we need to be just, and stick up for someone being treated poorly β€” even if we have to stick up for ourselves (do it in a nice manner of course).

29. Put yourself in someone else's shoes

Before you judge someone you encounter, think about what they may be going through. It will show that you care about them as a person, and they will change their whole attitude, in a good way, when you are around.

30. Take care of yourself

Not many people will want to be around you, if you, yourself, are not taken care of. That means keeping up with your hygiene, and if you want to talk to people, it means brushing those teeth every day. It doesn't matter how kind your words are if your breathe smells like garlic and onions all day.

Use your manners

This is a lost art sadly. But manners are a great way to show that you are generally a kind person. Not only that, but you will be setting an amazing example for all.

31.Saying please and thank you goes a long way

Someone does something nice for you. Say thank you. Someone asks you if you would like something. Say yes please. Manners are an easy way to show you are a kind person.

32. Don't raise your voice

Keep your voice at a constant volume. If the conversation gets heated, then leave; or, continue to use a calm voice. A voice that is calm, is a voice that cares about the person on the other end of the conversation.

Use the internet

It's 2017 people. And the internet is an easy way to communicate β€” use it, but in a positive manner.

33. No one likes an online troll

It's too bad that the internet is mostly negative. It seems that millions of people sit at home, waiting, very patiently to throw someone an insult. Be the example, and only type nice comment to people: friends, family, and again, strangers.

34. Don't be a bystander

Scenario: You're walking by a group of adults making fun of someone in need. What do you do? Well, a kind person would march over there and do their best to end that unkind action. Don't be a bystander.

35. Be brave

In order to stick up for others, you must be brave, and our world needs that. Be brave, and always do the right thing.

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35. Be a leader

Don't take a back seat to unkind actions. Again, don't be a bystander, be brave, and lead by example. If you see a person struggling, and you can help, then help them. By doing this, you are setting a great example, and others will follow your lead.

36. Be kind to your loved ones

Be kind to your loved ones β€” even if your boyfriend or girlfriend calls you by the nickname you hate. Kindness at home will carry over to the world outside your home.

37. Surprise a loved one

Who doesn't love surprises? We all do! Every now and then, surprise your loved ones: this can be as simple as a surprise hug; or, as complex as a surprise birthday party. They all show kindness.

38. A reliable person is one who cares

Be reliable. If you tell someone you will do something, then do it. If you are someone that others can rely, then you are someone who they view as kind.

39. Only judge yourself

As mentioned earlier, judge no one; only judge yourself. A kind, caring person does not walk around judging everyone. They judge themselves, and worry only about themselves.

40. Be thankful and try not to complain

The final caring way to show kindness is a simple one: be thankful. If you complain all day, it will lead to people not wanting to be near you. Be thankful for all that you have, and try not to complain about much, at least not while you're near other individuals. No one wants to hear it, and it may come across as selfish, not kind. Be a caring person, be a kind person, and set an example for all.