Bond with your chubby with these Baby Yoga moves

Strike these postpartum mom and baby yoga poses and sequences

By Aey
Bond with your chubby with these Baby Yoga moves

Getting back in shape postpartum

After this article, you will be left in awe of how helpful it is to incorporate yoga in pregnancy and postpartum. Yes, in addition to yoga helping with depression, mental health and body shape; it also helps in bonding with your baby. Expected mother should seriously consider taking professional classes of yoga because of its well-known benefits of preparing the mind and body for childbirth.

Experts in the medical field have quoted the statement below at Mayo Clinic regarding parental yoga, “a multifaceted approach to exercise that encourages stretching, mental centering and focused breathing.” I will cover poses that will help you ease your way into yoga postpartum. Postpartum, women tend to lose their shape but if you be patient and persistent with yoga, you will not only improve on your general posture and body shape, it will also work on your health. This article is a complete guide for your introduction on the subject so buckle-up all the Super Moms out there; let’s go for a ride!  

When is baby ready

Yoga is most definitely a blessing to humanity and parents should introduce this in the lifestyle of their babies from a very young age. This doesn’t mean that you send them to a yoga class right after the birth; that would be luckless. The right age to introduce this gift is the age of 8. You can start a bit earlier than that but let’s set the bar at 8. This doesn’t mean that you have to wait till your baby reaches 8 to start yoga with him/her. There are ways that you can include your toddler in your routine that will make the bond between you and the child, grow stronger.

Basic mom and baby yoga poses that sets you into Intermediate level

I’m sure that there are thousands of cases that you might’ve heard where women, after giving birth, become the victim of bad body shape. Even though you’ve heard these cases, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to become that way too. You can stop it! This section is dedicated in helping you get back in shape postpartum. If you regularly practiced yoga before giving birth or you’re someone who is a newbie and are looking to incorporate it in your lifestyle; following are some of the poses that you should start with to help your body ease into the more intermediate level of yoga postpartum.

Back parallel to the floor and legs straight up on the wall

​​​​​​​This yoga position is known stimulate blood circulation in your legs. It also helps in igniting a healing and calming impact on your body. Hold the position for around 8 minutes for best results. If you’re practicing this position during pregnancy, keep in mind that it’s not recommended after entering into the thirty-sixth week because the baby is then moving toward a position that’s for birth. This yoga position might come in the way of it. Now that we’ve got the warning out of the way, let’s see how to get into this position.

Place your yoga matt adjacent to a wall. Sit down while facing the wall. Bring your hips as close to the wall as possible and lay back down and crawl your legs up on the wall.

The triangle pose

​​​​​​​This posture is also known as Trikonasana. This is a highly suggested posture for the oblique and pelvis area. Mothers tend to experience a ‘dropped’ sensation and this exercise is absolutely recommended to help with that. Postpartum, your legs gain quite much muscle mass as a result of which they become very strong. You can use this to your benefit and start working on the pelvic floor strengthening exercises.

Start by stretching your feet wide apart. At this point you toes are pointing forward. Turn your right feet outwards. Open your arms wide apart and bend side ways to touch the toe pointed outward with the other hand stretched towards the sky. Remember that you must feel stretching in your pelvic area and if you don’t then you’re doing it wrong.

Plank position

Next best yoga posture to get your back into shape postpartum is plank! Post-pregnancy, mothers have reported to have a weakened back. To strengthen the back and to work on those abdominal muscles, planking is the ideal position. Do stay focused and notice how your body is responding to the position. When you’re in the position and you notice that your back is bending downwards, means your stomach is getting closer to the ground, this is an indication that you’re back isn’t strong enough for the position yet. If this happen, drop down the knees as a supporting to the back. Don’t forget that patience is the key to success. You’ll need to be more patient with the abdominal area, specifically when the child birth involved surgery. Start slow and with small goals like 2-3 breathe hold. Gradually increase the intensity.

More interesting poses for both mom and baby

Cobra Position

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  1. Place the baby, face up, in a lying position on the matt.
  2. Get into a crawling position with the baby lying under you. Your knees perpendicular to your hips. Your hand on either side of the baby and your knee down area; shank and feet lying flat on the floor.
  3.  Now, exhale deeply and stretch up your face and chest area by raising it upwards. Just like a wolf in a howling position.
  4. Look at the baby while taking your head up and make faces or smile.

Bridge Position

  1. Place your matt and lie down facing up.
  2. Bend your knees and place the feet, shoulder apart, firmly on the ground.
  3. Then put your baby in a sitting position, on your pelvis, facing you, and comfortably hold him in place.
  4. Now, slowly raise your hips and back up to come as close to imitating a triangle.
  5. Hold the position for about 30 sec.

Boat pose

  1. Lie flat on the yoga matt with your face up and hand lying closely beside your body.
  2. Carefully, put you baby in a sitting position, facing you, on your thighs.
  3. Simultaneous lift up your back and feet straight up into the air with your hand on either side of the baby to keep him/her secure.
  4. Your posture will somewhat resemble the ‘V’ shape. Hold the shape for 5-10 second while your baby stay amused by the new found swing!


  1. Get your baby carrier and set buckle up your baby on your chest with their back of the head facing your face.
  2. Stand up with your feet three feet apart from each other and the toes pointed outwards.
  3. Exhale
  4. Start bending your knees till the back of your thigh is parallel to the ground.
  5. You can keep your hands stretched out in front of you or cross them over your chest while holding the baby.
  6. Hold that position and inhale than stand up and repeat.

Yoga sequence on YouTube

If at any point, you get confused about a posture, you always have the YouTube Guru to guide you! This is one privilege that people back in the day missed out on big time. Even though it’s better to practice in presence of a teacher, but if you cannot afford to spend those bucks than you always have the privilege of going up on YouTube and finding the answers to your questions. You can easily find hundreds of channels that are dedicated in helping you out.


Now that you know so much about yoga, I hope that you have an amazing time practicing it. Trust me, a few droplets of sweat are worth the countless benefits yoga has for anyone that includes it in their lifestyle. I know that being a mommy is a very hard job and one hardly gets time for themselves and taking out time for yoga might seem impossible now. But if you get your toddler involved too, he/she might start enjoying it and who knows; maybe they’ll start looking forward to it every day! I wish you and your child the very best. Happy yoga time! J