The 8 Hottest Female Body Parts Men Find The Sexiest

Are you insecure about your body or whether your man likes your body? Then read on to know about 8 hottest female body parts men find the sexiest.

By Amanda Palmer
The 8 Hottest Female Body Parts Men Find The Sexiest

The Hot and Sexy Female Body

A female body is something very beautiful. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest creations. Women of any size, shape, and color are beautiful. Men find women beautiful in largely different ways. While some are amazed by a woman's butt, there are some who are more inclined towards the breasts. There are some others who get a taut arousal seeing a woman with a bareback. 

It is sad but true that today, many women are constantly troubled and insecure about their bodies, without even knowing about which bodily asset of theirs is most liked by their men. A woman might be cribbing over her flat chest not knowing that it is her smile that drives her man crazy. 

While it is true that beauty lies deep within a woman, but we have to agree that the male species is wired in such a way that their eyes search for certain physical attributes in their potential female mates. 

While a woman's private parts like her vagina, but and breasts arouse and attract most men, according to a recent survey, it was found that many men have a surprising list of body parts that they like the best in their women. Women must have never even given these parts a second thought. 

So if you are planning to wear a deep cut blouse to reveal your sexy cleavage tonight, you should think again. Perhaps, it is your low cut jeans with a crop top that he prefers more. If you want to dress to impress, you have got to read the list below to find about 8 surprising body parts that your man might be going nuts over. 

Female Body Parts that Men Like

Women have been admired for their physical appearance since time immemorial. The obvious eye-catching body parts of girls and women that attract men are obviously breasts and butt. A woman's private parts are always covered and hence a sense of curiosity and mystery is created in the minds of men as to what is hidden inside. Many get aroused mentally visualizing the woman with her private parts. This is a common mindset for men and women alike. Our brains have been designed in such a way that we get aroused by such sensuous thoughts. 

They say that men fall in love with the inner beauty of a woman. While this is true, let us also not forget the pleasures of making love, sex appeal and arousal. While some men have weird sexual fantasies and fetishes, there are those who get aroused by seeing a pretty smile or soft and shiny hair. You have to find out your man's preferred female body part to arouse him in the most effective way. You might be wearing a low cut blouse all the time trying to get his attention, but all he is trying to focus on the way your butt fits into your denim. 

Everyone's mind is different and so is everyone's preferences. Some men prefer boobs and some prefer butts. Some like women with long legs and there are some who like women with long and shiny hair. 

A woman's breasts are commonly liked by most men. A bigger and fuller chest with a cleavage is a great turn on for many men. The chest is a private part of the woman's body which differentiates women from men. Men are more interested in firm breasts rather than the size of the breasts. Women with large and firm breasts are considered fertile and very sensuous by most men. Many women are aware that large and firm breasts attract most men and hence undergo surgeries to get them. Celebrities with sensuous breasts include Kate Upton, Christina Hendricks, Kim Kardashian and many more. 

1. Feet - One of the Most Surprising Female Body Parts Liked By Men

A woman's feet are considered sensual by many men in the world. Pretty, long-legged beauties with perfectly manicured and soft feet arouse more men that they can ever imagine. You might have come across many sexual videos with the women dressed up in lingerie and a pair of high heels. Stilettos enhance the beauty of the feet and give pleasure to the sensuous thoughts of many men. Seeing a woman with delicate toes and perfectly painted toes can really create a havoc in some men's minds. 

Women with small and slim ankles also have an appeal factor according to some men. Men find small feet alluring, cute, petite and sensuous. If your man has a foot fetish, then try and dressing up in short skirts and invest in elegant stilettos or peep-toes. Do not forget to get a pedicure every 15 days to maintain the beauty of your delicate feet. 

2. Back - One of the Most Understated Female Body Parts

Sexy, curvy backs are often seen in hot photo shoots and pretty and elegant backless gowns. A certain sect of men can go crazy over curvy and elegant backs. If your man has a back fetish, try stretching out or arching your back to grab his attention and he will have you beneath the sheets in no time!

Women with a back tattoo increase the sexual appeal of their bare backs. A back tattoo inked near the lower back area or the shoulders are enough to arouse some sensual thoughts into your man's mind if he has a back fetish. 

A woman's back is very soft, sensuous and is the epitome of elegance when the woman dresses up in a backless gown. The breasts in the front and the lower back butt line seem to play peek-a-boo increasing the sexual tension. 

3. Stomach - A very Hot and Sexy Female Body Part

Women generally tend to collect some extra flab on their stomachs after child-birth or generally as they hit their 30s. Men love fit women. Women with perfectly sculpted incredible figures and a flat stomach can arouse any man. The stomach was listed as one of the hottest body parts by most men in a survey. The skin in the torso area is very delicate and soft. The pretty belly button in the centre and the fact that the stomach leads to a more private area of a woman is enough to arouse any man. The sight of a well sculpted and flat stomach can get any man hot under the collar. 

According to the survey, most men also mentioned that they love women with some ab and muscles in the torso area but not too much. Most men did not like women with muscular bodies. A lot of muscles tend to take away the natural curves in a woman which is a huge put off for many men. 

Many women get their belly buttons pierced to draw attention to their flat tummies. They even get a tattoo on their stomachs to looks sensuous and hot. A tempting tummy to hold with a navel to caress can make a man get deeply aroused. More and more women are trying to melt away their belly fat these days to look sexy and hot. 

4. Hair - Another Surprising Hot and Sexy Body Part

You must have heard a lot of men sharing their preferences for their girl's hair color. Some men prefer brunettes while some like natural blond girls. Some men love girls with long and luscious hair while some are attracted to girls with a short bob. It is all about personal tastes. There are some who do not give a lot of importance to their girl's hair while some get very angry if their women get a hair job done without their permission. A man feels proud of his girl's hair. He finds a woman's hair hot and sexy and also loves the appeal of soft and shiny hair tickling his skin while making love. 

A woman's hair plays an important role in the minds of many men. So next time, you are fretting over getting a boob job done to impress your guy, you can instead, consider getting your hair done!

5. Hips - One of the Most Sensuous Part of the Female Bodies

There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows that she has sexy hips and moves them provocatively to lure men. Women with curvier hips are better preferred by men- the curvier the better and the fleshier the better. Some women have a sensuous V popping out from their low-rise pants and short tops. This V is a huge turn on for many men who regard hips as the most sensuous parts of female's bodies. 

You can dress up in deep backless gowns to show the V of your hip line or dress up in low-waist pants and skirts with short tops. Do not be shy to raise your hands and stretch a bit as this will show off your sensuous hipline. 

Invest in low-rise and low-waist jeans or short as these show your hipline perfectly. Make sure to team them up with tube tops or crop tops to show your hips more provocatively. You need to have a good and fit body to make your man go insane looking at your hips. Practice some hips firming exercises daily to maintain the firmness and curve of your hips. Hips are also the area in a female body which easily collects fat. If not checked in due time, you might find layers of fat covering your once sensuous hip line. Fitness should become a part of your daily routine not only due to health reasons but also to look sensuous and seductive. 

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6. Lips - Sensuous Parts of Female Bodies

Fuller and plumper looking lips often can get men looking at you twice. This does not mean that you should wear dark or bright red shades of lipsticks all the time to draw their attention. Fuller lips in natural lip colors or just a bit of gloss are enough to drive a man crazy. Fuller lips calls the attention away from rest of the face and you can have men looking at your lips unabashedly. Perhaps they are visualizing about kissing your fuller and thick lips. Men love thick lips because they are more kissable and sexy. 

Sometimes, more than lips, it is your smile that drives a man crazy. Many men cannot resist a beautiful smile. Some men love to see their women smile because it makes them feel that their girls are happy with their men. Their ego is satisfied and they feel happy and elated. Next time, you want to arouse your man, make sure you show him one of your prettiest smiles. 

7. Butt - Hot and Sexy

Some men do not care whether you are flat-chested or big chested. A curvy butt is all they care about. You can make up for the lack of an ample bosom with your shapely butt. If your man prefers the female butt, you can be rest assured with your shapely and curvy butt. It does not matter if your butt is huge or narrow. Butts of all shapes and sizes are really arousing for most men. Men love to grab a woman's butt during sexual encounters and the soft flesh gives them a taut arousal. Butt is caressed during foreplay for effective arousal of the senses. 

Wear perfectly-fitting bottoms to show the shape of your butt and walk with a sensuous sway to make your man go nuts. Most men love to see their girls dress up in hot shorts fitting well over their butt and showing their long legs. Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Jen Selter and many more have very pretty and curvy bottoms. 


8. Eyes - A Girl's Most Powerful Weapon

Men love to give surprises. This one was the most unassumed part of the female bodies that men would find arousing. A sexy glance and a fluttering gaze is all that it takes to arouse some men. Men ranked eyes as the topmost parts of the female bodies that they found hot and sexy. 

Smiling and happy eyes are nice to look at but sexy and teasing eyes are even better. Next time, if you want to convey a message, try speaking with your eyes and you won't even imagine the impact it will have on your guy's mind. 

Often women use their eyes as seductive organs to hunt men or to get their things done. While some girls cast puppy dog eyes to get their men agree to their demands, some women send bold and sexual messages to their beloveds with their stunning eyes. Perfectly done eye makeup enhances the look of women's eyes. There are several eye makeup products available in the market which beautify a woman's eyes all the more and make them look seductive. 


A fit and firm female body can arouse a man. No man likes a woman's body with sagging breasts or zero curves. Every woman's body is different. Some women might be naturally curvaceous while some may have to put in some efforts to get those curves. You can do butt firming exercises or chest firming exercises to get shapely butts and firm chest muscles. The shape and size is not as important as firmness. Even if you do not have naturally large breasts, focus on making them firm to attract your man's attention.

Keep your private parts always hidden. Doing so will create an aura of mystery and seduction for your man. For some men, sex is all in the mind and to get to the highest level of pleasurable sexual encounters you have to show them their most preferred and sexiest female body part in a provocative manner. If your guy loves a firm butt, consider dressing up in a sexy underwear and walk in a slightly teasing manner swaying your hips to arouse him. The same goes for chest and other parts of your body. 

Many women will not give much importance to this survey and its results and may prefer men who love them for what they are. Although part of what they say and feel is true, there is no harm in maintaining your bodies and exciting your man with what he likes best. Sexual encounters are sacred and special with someone you love and you would definitely want to give the best to the man you love. You can always try and find out from your man about his preferred female body part and you can work towards using yours in the best possible way. For example, if he says breasts, you can invest in low cut and plunging necklines. If he loves your eyes, make sure your eyes are always lined with kohl and mascara. If he loves your luscious lips, practice your pout as you never know when it may come handy!