25 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

How would you know you are experiencing spiritual awakening? Here are 25 symptoms to realize that you are having spiritual awakening.

By Tanaya Nath
25 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

Check Out 25 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

At this time, Earth is evolving and many things are changing. The meaning of life and what everyone wants from it is changing. It is a never seen before time of awakening and desire to change. Many of us are experiencing intense changes in life, work, personal relationships and behaviour. Many want to take their lives back in their own hands and escape the fog of depression. They want to escape the model created by the society to live the life they really want and experience true happiness. They are feeling inclined towards meditation and search of internal peace. This is spiritual awakening. The spiritual awakening initiates us, unites us to the realm of the spirit and soul we have been disconnected from for so long. We have been so involved in the material ways of the society that only a handful of us are familiar with the mystical way of life. It has made us shallow and our souls are empty. It there are moments when we do realize this immense empty chasm within us. We may choose to ignore it for some time but we can never run away from it. Its call is so strong that we have to yield to it. Spiritual awakening is gaining its space in the world and the rate at which it is occurring is phenomenal. So, how do we realize that we are experiencing the spiritual awakening? How will we know we having are spiritual awakening? Here are 25 symptoms of spiritual awakening.

The Feeling Of Something Changed Inside You

One of the symptoms of spiritual awakening is you feel different inside but you can’t explain. You feel that you have become a changed person, a new person who is completely different from what you were before. You feel you are getting closer to the truth and this feeling of you getting closer to who you want to be, fills you with deep happiness and your life with meaning. This is spiritual awakening. It scares you as well as you have left your comfort zone and have escaped the cage of society. You feel it was easier before, in the known and the unknown scares you now. Now that you have escaped the illusion and depression; dropped the mask and that your blinders have gone forever, you can see everything in a more clear light.

Change In Sleep Pattern Indicates Spiritual Awakening

You have started waking up two to three times in the night. You feel tired after waking up and feel sleepy during the day. It is a party of your spiritual awakening. This is the sleep pattern that happens to you, you sleep two to three hours, wake up for some time and then go back to sleep. This is a sign that your sleep requirement is changing. Don’t mistake it for depression. This change in sleep pattern is way different than that. In depression you couldn’t sleep and you feel restless. While in spiritual awakening, you realize you could do with little sleep and you are filled with peace; far away from anxiety. When you start going on with a little sleep, it is a sign that you are experiencing spiritual awakening. The tiredness will pass so don’t worry about it. It is a sign that pineal gland is activating. It is the part of the brain that is in charge of the production of melatonin. You can use the spare time from sleep for meditation, soul searching and finding the meaning of your new found self.

You Become Aware Of Your Old Negative Habits

Gradually you start becoming aware of everything that was not right in the old you and your old habits during spiritual awakening. There are things that you used to do and don’t want to do anymore. There are thinking patterns that you want to change, you don’t want to keep. It is part of spiritual awakening. You feel ready for the big change and there is no way you want to go back to the same old life filled of depression, hopelessness and sadness. You feel inclined towards meditation and happy about what have you discovered and there is a feeling of deep fulfillment in you. You also realize your imperfections and you also see how beautiful it is to be the imperfect version of your true self. You realize the meaning of your existence. You thrive on challenging yourself but not through the competition or at the expense of others. And that is because you don’t feel the need to judge others. All this happens while you are experiencing spiritual awakening.

Change In Eating Habits Indicates Spiritual Awakening

You will experience some changes in your eating habits. You will start craving for the long forgotten food items. You will feel craving for different fruits, nuts and vegetables and will experience aversion to coffee, junk foods and similar items. It sounds like depression but it is nothing like that. It is spiritual awakening. If, the food you used to enjoy previously starts disgusting you now, or if you feel a little nauseous after eating them, you might be experiencing spiritual awakening. At this time, you should be careful of alcohol because it might affect you more or negatively. It is the time you must listen to your the signals your body is sending you. Connect the dots from what you ate or drank to how are you feeling.

Outburst Of Emotions Indicates Spiritual Awakening

You will be feeling very emotional suddenly and will feel deeply affected by small things, just like it happens in depression. Like a news report, a touching commercial or a sad song will have you in tears. A little provocation will start making you angry. One moment you will feel depressed while in the next moment you will feel extremely happy. Some days will be the emotional roller coaster ride for you while some days will prove to be very blissful. Let your emotions go and accept them. It means that you are sensitive to the energies right now and it is absolutely normal. Don’t direct your emotions towards anyone. Indulge in meditation to direct it in right direction. Feel grateful that your body is washing out these emotions, holding them inside could cause harm.

Hypersensitivity Indicates Spiritual Awakening

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During spiritual awakening you feel your five senses heightened. To your sight, the world seems to sparkle and you could see the auras around people, plants, animals and objects. On closing the eyes you see redness and not the darkness, along with the brilliant pictures, colors and geometric shapes. Colors would seem more vivid. You may also experience increased or decreased hearing. Also you will be hearing white noises, music, electronic pattern or tones in your head. Some also experience audio dyslexia wherein they are no longer able to understand what others are saying. You might feel you are going insane but don’t lose heart as it is not so. You will also feel the heightened sense of smell. Try to understand the meaning of their existence in your head and use meditation to control them. It is only then you will be able to understand the spiritual awakening. During spiritual awakening you feel your five senses heightened. To your sight, the world seems to sparkle and you could see the auras around people, plants, animals and objects. On closing the eyes you see redness and not the darkness, along with the brilliant pictures, colours and geometric shapes. Colours would seem more vivid. You may also experience increased or decreased hearing. Also you will be hearing white noises, music, electronic pattern or tones in your head. Some also experience audio dyslexia i.e they are no longer able to understand what others are saying. You might feel you are going insane but don’t lose heart as it is not so. You will also feel the heightened sense of smell. Try to understand the meaning of their existence in your head and use meditation to control them. It is only then you will be able to understand the spiritual awakening.

Sensations At Your Crown Indicates Spiritual Awakening

If you feel itchy, tingling or crawling sensation along your scalp or down your spine, it could be the symptom that you are experiencing the spiritual awakening. You will feel energy vibrating on your crown and also a little pressure there as if someone is pushing the fingers on your head. It will not be painful. It is a symptom that you are experiencing the opening of the crown chakra and that you are opening up for receiving the divine energy. Meditation could help you in the opening of the chakra.

Increased Creativity Means Spiritual Awakening

During spiritual awakening you will start receiving ideas, images, music and other creative inspirations often at an overwhelming rate. All the time, you will feel bombarded with ideas. You will feel the anxiety and the adrenaline rush thinking about doing things that you want to accomplish. Thinking creative will fire up your enthusiasm. While spiritual awakening your head will feel like a computer with over thirty tabs open at the same time. You feel alive and your life takes a new meaning when you create.

Increased Intuitions Indicate Spiritual Awakening

Your intuition will become stronger as will your desire to reconnect with who you really are. You and only you know the answers to your questions and you will know that. This is a symptom of spiritual awakening. Even if you ask for help or be inspired by others, only you, your higher self and consciousness, who you really are can provide you the answers you have been looking for. And you realize that. So, spend more time with yourself like in meditation and always trust your intuition.

Physical Manifestations Could Mean Spiritual Awakening

Initially you will experience a series of physical discomforts in awakening like more backaches, headaches, anxiety, flu like symptoms, neck and shoulder pains, muscular spasms, chest pains, loose bowel movements, rapid heartbeats, pain or numbness in limbs, changes in sexual desire or involuntary body movement or vocalization. In some cases your childhood illness might also resurface briefly but to be healed. However, if the symptoms are severe seek medical help.

Vivid Dreams Could Be A Sign Of Spiritual Awakening

You will experience more colorful and vivid dreams. Occasionally you will also have lucid dreams where you feel in control. Some dreams might even be mystical or carrying some messages for you. Some dreams could also be premonitions that will usually come true the next day or a little later. You might want to keep a journal for your dreams as some of them will be important for you. You might find meaning in them sooner or later.

Spiritual Awakening Leads To Increased Coincidences

As you grow spiritually, your energy increases as well. In turn you will start understanding clearly that everything is perfectly orchestrated. You will realize how by chance you get to meet the right people and by coincidence you find yourself at the right places. You desire something and then that happens. You think of someone and they call. You think of a song and you hear it being played somewhere, on radio or TV or on someone’s phone. Don’t be stupefied. It is a symptom that your energy is higher. The more positive energy you have in you, the more positive circumstances you will attract in your life.

Problem In Managing Time Means Spiritual Awakening

If the time, to you, seems to be passing more quickly or you tend to lose the track of the time while in meditation or completing a task, it is a symptom that you are on your way of spiritual awakening. It could be because you have experienced so many changes and that too at a rapid rate. Try to keep a calendar on your phone with sound alerts. It will help you in keeping you appointments. Pay attention at what’s on your hand right now and don’t anticipate what’s ahead. It will help you in managing your time.

Spiritual Awakening Could Lead To Loss Of Interest

As you start connecting to yourself and you begin understanding your emotions, you start doing interest in a few things like worrying or conflict or judging others. You understand that a negative emotion is a sign of negative energy and so you keep yourself away from them, especially depression. Your inner peace makes you feel uncomfortable in dramas and conflicts. And since you start feeling connected to everything and everyone around you, you also stay clear from judging people.

Willingness To Give Is Spiritual Awakening

You begin realizing how unhappy people are and you see through there pretense of happiness. You are tormented by their pain since you feel connected to them. You want to ease that pain out. You only feel fulfilled when you service the world. You try to give them love and happiness without expecting any gratification in return. You stop caring about what you are getting in return of your love. You just feel happy that you are able to ease a little pain in the world. The increased empathy deepens your relationship. You become more understanding and tolerant while you become less judgmental. It becomes less likely that you react to hostility and animosity, hence avoiding conflict. Since you don’t expect anything in return, you don’t hurt when your care and love is not returned with the same intensity. You feel secured and hence your relationship becomes stronger as they are connected together. When you are insecure, your interaction become self-centered. In that case, you are often more concerned in making right impression, doing and saying the right thing or behaving the right way. But after the spiritual awakening, you are less inclined on being interesting or charming because you no longer feel insecure.

Strong Connection With Nature Is Spiritual Awakening

You feel connected to people. Just like some men experience morning sickness when their wives are pregnant, you start feeling sympathy pains. You will start picking symptoms of someone else’s cold. But you need to control the intensity with which you feel their emotions and that can be done through meditation and similar exercises. You will be able to absorb emotions through your solar plexus and you learn to strengthen this chakra, you gift experience some digestive issues. It will be helpful if you ground yourself to earth. It will help you in re-establishing your emotional center. Walking barefoot on the ground is the best way to re-ground yourself. Just like you feel connected to other people, you also feel a strong connection to nature and animals. You no longer see them as non-intelligent and non-sensitive beings. You can feel their emotions as well. Some of you might even be able to communicate to them. Hence, you find it averting to eat animals or be a part of their pain and the torture. You feel an urge to spread awareness about animals and the benefits of being vegan.

Spiritual Awakening Leads To Blissful Feeling

You feel at peace with yourself and with the world. You feel the burn of love, gratitude, enthusiasm and joy in your chest for no apparent reason. You feel happier and you get delighted by what could be perceived by others as nothing. But deep inside you know what it is and how extraordinary it is. This feeling of bliss without any material reason is the symptom that you are experiencing spiritual awakening.

Increased Integrity Is A Sign Of Spiritual Awakening

You suddenly start feeling uncomfortable with any kind of lie, no matter how small it is. Honesty becomes important to you and you feel it is time to seek and speak your truth for you. It seems important for you to become more authentic and more yourself. You will start saying no to the people you have tried hard to please in the past. You might find yourself unable to stay in a job or a relationship that doesn’t let you be who you are. So, listen to your heart. If it tells you not to do something, stand up for it and take action.

Spiritual Awakening Makes You Want To Be Alone

Solitude becomes you. You crave for quite alone time. You might have been an extrovert before but now you will be experiencing your introvert side of yours. You prefer introspecting and you enjoy the silence. So, you try to cut down your social ties so that you could spend some alone time. You might also lose touch with your relatives and old friends.

After Spiritual Awakening, Conversations Seems Shallow

You feel an acute sense of separation when you talk to people. You even feel that there are only a handful of people who are comfortable talking about emotions, passion, meaning and the soul. You feel restless, anxiety and irritated in conversations and small talks. Your dislike for small talks draws more to solitude, turning you into a loner.

Spiritual Awakening Bends You Towards Healing

You will feel a natural inclination towards healing fields like acupuncture, yoga, massage, reiki, Qi-Gong, midwifery etc. You will find yourself in these fields. You start realising the collective need to be healed so you try your best to provide healing in whatever form you are most drawn to. You also turn away from the traditional way of healing. You prefer natural food, herbs and holistic medicine as ways of curing ailments.

You Pick Physical Cues In Spiritual Awakening

💛🌼💛🌼💛🌼 Once upon a time there was love... " When we were born, we were programmed perfectly. We had a natural tendency to focus on love. Our imaginations were creative and flourishing, and we knew how to use them. We were connected to a world much richer than the one we connect now, a world full of enchantment and a sense of the miraculous. So, what happened? Why is it that we reached a certain age, looked around, and the enchantment was gone? Because we were taught to focus elsewhere. We were taught to think unnaturally....a way of looking at the world that contradicts who we are. We were taught to think thoughts like competition, struggle, sickness.....guilt, bad, death...and loss......we began to know them. We were taught that things like grades , being good enough , money and doing things the right way, are more important than love....that we are separate from other people, that we have to compete to get ahead, that we are not quite enough the way we are. We were taught to see the world the way that others had come to see it. It's as though ...we were given a sleeping pill...." to forget about what real love is.... and believe in a world which is not based on love.... We have forgotten about love and learned about fear instead. The end 🌼💛🌼💛🌼

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You feel capable of recognizing physical cues and hence you can figure out when you are being lied to. You might not know the exact truth that is being withheld but you can always tell when something isn’t right. It could lead you to anxiety initially but then you get used to it. You can also pick the expressions that the other person is not expressing. Everyone else becomes an open book to you. You become observant and knowing, and hence you can always pick the lies and the things that remain unexpressed.

Spiritual Awakening Leads To High Energy

You see the light bulb flickering, radio going haywire or the computer getting locked up when you are around. You might also find the light bulb bursting when you sit down beside the lamp. Don’t feel anxiety with all these events. This happens because of you high vibrational level, which affects the things of lower density. Don’t get frustrated with your electrical appliances; in fact see it in the light of humor. It is a good thing that you are growing out of low vibrational density. Replace your spiral energy saver bulbs with regular ones. The spiral energy saving bulbs emit toxins. If they burst, discard them in a closed container, open windows and go out for a while.

Memory Fogginess Is A Sign Of Spiritual Awakening

Your newly acquired psychic abilities like intuitions, creativity, compassion, spirituality, clairvoyance, expressiveness etc, all these emanate from the right side of the brain. For the complete development of this side of brain, your left side of the brain may not be at its full capacity for time being. Since you are using more of your right brain, your left brain becomes foggy. And that could be a reason for anxiety for you. The left side of brain sees to organization, order, analysis, evaluation, structure, problem solving and precision. You might not be able to focus, you will keep forgetting what you were about to say, you will feel scattered and impatient with mathematics and logic etc. while you will be feeling drawn to photos, movies, music, beautiful artwork, painting, sculptures, being with people, dancing, gardening and similar creative form of expressions. Don’t panic. Let your right brain lead you. Your left brain will develop itself accordingly and appropriately to support you.

Spiritual Awakening Leads To Absence Of Fear Of Death

Fear of death is the most fundamental fear and when you are experiencing spiritual awakening this fear either decreases or is lost. This decreases fear of death is related to transcendence of the separate ego. We realize that our ego isn’t the center of the universe and so its demise doesn’t sound so tragic to you. But the main reason why the fear of death dies in spiritual awakening is the understanding of death, which gives you a new perspective to it. The spiritual awakening makes you realize that death isn’t the end. You realize that the essence of your very being will continue to exist even after your body has died. You understand that death isn’t the end of consciousness but a transformation of it.

The characteristics of spiritual awakening are uniform. Permanently spiritually awakened people typically experience all of these symptoms and usually at the same degree of intensity roughly, but to some so many changes might also be a reason for anxiety. The only significant difference is in the terms of overall intensity of spiritual awakening which ranges from less intense to very intense. The intensity of spiritual awakening depends on the intensity of overall wakefulness. It is a continuous processing makes a person become aware of their connection with the infinite. We are eternal in nature as spirits but when we are born in these bodies, we forget our spiritual nature. When you experience spiritual awakening, spiritual nature dawns upon you. The spiritual awakening makes you see possibilities before others. Just like Copernicus who knew earth was not the center of the universe even before the others! You no more question love and its presence. You realize it is everywhere and in everyone. Your need of solitude cut you off from the world physically but spiritually it brings you closer to them. You feel different, your life, your thoughts, they all alter. Initially you might not notice the symptoms of spiritual awakening as they feel like minor changes or just nothing. But if you notice carefully, you will realize how wonderful and special these little things are. While experiencing spiritual awakening you will feel connection and compassion to everything and everyone but you will feel overwhelming in the crowd. You will experience many other symptoms mentioned above. The spiritual awakening takes us into the realm of spirits and soul that we get disconnected from when our spirits take these bodies. You need to put boundaries on your new-found self. Or you might easily get tired from taking on the emotions of other people.