What Is The Attraction Of Bull Sex? 5 Points On How To Try Bull Sex!

Enjoy watching your partner having sex with someone else? You are not alone! Check out this full guide to having bull sex!

By Kimmy
What Is The Attraction Of Bull Sex? 5 Points On How To Try Bull Sex!

What Is Bull Sex?

Have you heard people talking about bull sex and wondered what kind of people enjoy watching bulls having sex? Well, bull sex is one of the most popular terms used in the world of sex, and it's not about watching bulls having sex.

Bull sex, in urban dictionary's term, refers to a man having sex with someone's girlfriend or wife while their partner watches for dominance or humiliation. Some people get hired to do bull sex exclusively and some do it for fun as they enjoy this kind of kinks.

In most practices, bull sex comes with a certain degree or humiliation, which is the whole point of bull sex. The man having sex shows dominance over the other man. It can be arousing for couples to have sex with someone else with both partners present.

Bull sex is not a rare thing as you might think. Couples often do it as it gives them the freedom to enjoy pleasure from someone else while staying faithful to their partner as their partner is present during the action. If you are curious to know more about bull sex, this is everything you need to read before committing to it!

What Is The Attraction Of Bull Sex

Why is bull sex hot? Bull sex is known as cuckolding, when you are getting blocked from having sex and only get the spectator seat. Usually, bull sex is related to dominance. For the man doing it, it gives him pleasure knowing that he is the one in control. For the girl, it's erotic to be having sex with another man while their partner watches. It's a kind of forbidden sex. As for the partner, he may find is arousing to watch his partner being dominated by another man.

If you enjoy being on the submissive side in sex, then you will enjoy watching. Couples that are going through a dry period often tend to bull sex to make their sex life more interesting.

5 Points On How To Try Bull Sex

1. Consent

Consent, consent, consent.

Bull sex involves at least three people. Make sure everyone is fully aware of what they sign up for and is in this voluntarily. If you are a couple looking for bull sex, you can try to find it via dating sites like Tinder or Bumble. Occasionally, couples turn to paid services for the best and most professional experience. You can request anything in specific with a pro. Whether you want some BDSM elements, costume styles, and mood settings, a pro will have you covered.

If you are a guy looking to do bull sex with a couple, finding one via a dating site will be your best option. Convey clearly what you want to try and establish proper boundaries before you do it. It should be an enjoyable experience for all.

2. Safe Word

You never know what could happen when you bring in a third person in bed. Even for the loveliest couple, things might get too far and one side feel upset about not being able to join or feel uncomfortable being watched by her partner.

Make a safe word so everyone knows it's time to slow down and take it easy. You may feel prepared but at the end you just don't want to do it anymore. Show understanding and compassion for the one who wants to stop. Do it gradually and see if the person wants to try it again. If the person refuses to continue, accept it and end it there.

Often for couples, it can take a few tries before they can find the joy in bull sex. At first, it can be embarrassing or intimidating. Go easy and stop once it gets uncomfortable. Re-group yourselves so you can prepare again for the next time.

3. Mood Setting

Costumes are often involved in bull sex as part of a role play. Stressing up as a dominatrix etc, is a popular way to get things going. Bull sex is about fulfilling a fantasy. Think of a scenario where bull sex will turn you on and what kind of costumes are involved.

Setting the mood right can help speed things up and allow all parties to enjoy the full experience. Talk about what you want from this sex act and decide how to bring it to life.

There are many love hotels with various themes just for couples looking for some fun. You can easily rent a room and start your show!

4. Use Sex Toys

Bull sex is about committing to the act. Using sex toys can enhance the whole experience and allow you to explore more fields that you normally would not. Sex toys are a great supplement to your lust. Some couples find it strange to explore outside of their comfort zone and using sex toys can help them distant themselves from the reality and commit to the act.

Some couples even feel that using sex toys are better for the experience as they normally don't use them with their partner. So with sex toys, they can put the focus on the toys and the pleasure, rather than the man having sex with them while thier husband watches.

5. Talk Dirty

Talking dirty is one of the easiest, yet most forgotten, part to bring the whole experience to the next level during sex. Don't be afraid to talk dirty during the play. If you are the one doing it, throw some commands to make it more real. Talking dirty can elevate the mood and allow each party to be committed.

Say something nice when it's appropriate. Appreciate the beauty of her ass, or how strong the man is. It builds up confidence and adds to the positive experience.

However, talking too much is not always the best. Find a good time to talk naturally to boost the sex, but don't overdo it that it becomes awkward.

How To Tell My Partner I Want To Try Bull Sex?

It's not always easy to bring this up, especially when you and your partner have never tried any kinks or fetish before. It takes time and it's something you should slowly introduce to your sex life. Start something small, such as other kinks that you think your partner will enjoy and will easily accept. Then, gradually move your way to bull sex.

Watch videos of bull sex with him, ask for his opinions. If he is strongly against it, don't worry. It's not the end of the world. Understand why he feels reluctant to try it and you can consult him. Show him the good side and benefits of bull sex. You need to show him that bull sex is supposed to improve your relationship and elevate your love. Don't ever force your partner to do it if he is not ready.

Join some online forums and talk to real people who have had bull sex. Listen to their experience and how they first started. Introduce those people to your partner so he gets a real talk from someone with experience. You can express your desire to try bull sex anytime you want but your partner should never feel pressured that he has to satisfy your fantasy. It should be a mutually enjoyable moment for both.

Know that for all sexual acts with another unfamiliar person, you should always use protection. Convince your partner by showing him the safety measures if it's his concern. If you will hire someone through a trusted website, ask the website owner to show health certificate for their employees so you know you are hiring someone healthy. Even if it's someone from a dating site, always ask to use a condom.

Assure him that you will stop anytime if he feels uncomfortable. You can try to bring in a third person for a makeout session first to see how your partner feels and move your way up to the dick-in-pussy part.


Bull sex is not a taboo anymore. As long as all parties consent to it, it can be one of the best experiences for couples looking for something new and exciting! Bull sex can be intimidating at first as you are entering a whole new zone, but with proper preparation and discussion, it's not difficult to master bull sex.

Figure out who you want to bring in and what kind of setups do you want. There are many people sharing their experience on online forums. You don't have to be a professional to try bull sex.

It's time to kick things up a notch and bring your hubby to a land he didn't know existed before!