10 Tips of Kinks To Excite With Your Partner

Try out these erotic kinks to spice things up in the bedroom!

By Kimmy
10 Tips of Kinks To Excite With Your Partner

Exploring Kinks With Your Partner

It's the fifth year into your marriage, things are starting to get boring, especially during sex. At some point in your relationship, you will lose passion to do the same old missionary style. Every couple has experienced this. You feel stuck and want something new, yet you are afraid of trying something new as you don't know how your partner feels.

Kinks infiltrate our daily lives more often than you'd think. With all the mainstram media bringing different fetishes and fantasies come true, more and more people are trying out kinks with their partner.

From 50 Shares of Grey to the big-hit Polish movie 365 Days, sexual kinks are normalized and shown to viewers in various ways. It's erotic to watch some actions. A good kink can spice things up again and help you maintain a good relationship in this dry marriage.

10 Tips of Kinks To Excite With Your Partner

1. Foot Fetish

Probably one of the most common kinks that people don't realize. Foot fetish is common because legs and feet are often sexualize in movies and films. In erotic movies, men are usually attracted to the woman's feet, wanting to lick or suck on the toes. Smelling the feet is normal. In some cases, men would even prefer the smelly feet as they find it arousing.

Have you ever tried foot kinks with your partner? To spice things up and make things more interesting, you can buy sexy stockings at local sex shops to outline the shape of your ankles and contour your feet better. Your partner may not be used to this at first. Show him some videos or movies. With a common kink, he should feel at ease in no time and start enjoying the fun!

2. Baby Play

"Yo soy papa."

The erotic age play fulfils the inner child in you and the dominant nature in your partner. A lot of men enjoy feeling powerful over their partner sexually in role plays. Being called "daddy" fills their ego and makes sex more interesting.

As the Spanish telenova goes, the cheesiest the lines, the better the effect. Throw in some foreign language there if you partner is into any exotic vibes or find any languages sexy.

It doesn't have to be baby play. It can be any age play as long as it's not yours. Some people like to switch at times, from pretending to be a baby to being the old divorced woman. And some men enjoy the care and love from the wife. Explore different age plays with your partner for the most comfortable experience. It will bring you more joy than just sex. You will be able to receive the care and attention you want.

3. Edging

Also known as "orgasm control", as the name suggests, is a form of sexual act where the dominant one stops sexual stimulation to the other partner when the partner is close to achieving orgasm. This is about control. Your partner can repeat it for as long as he pleases.

Although edging is about letting your partner feel powerful and fulfilled, you will also feel the intense orgasm once you get it. Edging is a play couples often do to make things more interesting. It's not always easy to control the perfect timing but once you do, you will be able to see the fun heavenly side of it.

4. Impact Play

Impacy play is one of the calmer, more docile form of BDSM in the sex world. It refers to spanking your partner's body, sometimes with your bare hands or with the aid of tools like whips. Minor physical inflicted on the body can be arousing and erotic. Most enjoy a spank on the ass or thighs.

Discuss with your partner so you know how far you will be going with the impact play. Never take things further than discussed. Decide on a safe word so you know when you partner wants to stop. Start gently and slowly progress to harder hits and spanks.

5. Cuckolding

Have you ever had the fantasy of watching your partner having sex with someone else while you watch? Or you getting pleasure from a man as your partner watches? This is cuckolding. The name refers to cockholding from someone else.

You may be surprised that a lot of men secretly fantasizes about their girl having sex with someone else and get off of it. If it's a wish from both of you, give it a try. Go on Tinder or other dating app to find someone that will be able to fulfil your dream. In this case, it's best to find a person you will never meet again and most couples prefer it to be one-time just to try it out. Getting someone you know might make things awkward.

6. 24/7

While being a form of role play, 24/7 isn't limited by your geographical location. You can be done with sex in bed and still be in your role. 24/7 means you and your partner switch roles every 24 hours. If you are the dominant one, then you will stay so for a day, even when you are outside of your bedroom.

The dominant one may call their partner and make a request to meet immediately and the submissive one has to oblige. The same process repeats until the role play is finished. Couples find the joy in staying in role for the whole day as it makes them feel different. They have a different identity in lfie rather than just in bed.

7. Role Play

Do you want to be a lolita serving her master? Or a slutty Star Trek captain? Role play brings the most exciting side that you want to show off. There are plenty of costumes you can buy from a sex shop or you can make one yourself. Role playing is one of the favorite kinks for couples.

You partner may get off of you being the helpless little girl lost in the forest, or the mean high school teacher he had a crush on. Either way, role playing lifts you up from reality and gives you a break from the ordinary sex.

8. Bondage

Being tied up may seem scary but it also gives you a rush of adrenaline to fulfil your deepest desire for something exciting and dangerous. Bondage is a popular category for porn as a lot of people secretly fantasizes about it.

Before you start, bondage can cause physical harm so make sure you research well on how to safely tie your partner up. Check your bed, or wherever you will do it, that it is secured and strong enough to hold a person. Establish a safe word or a safe signal if the mouth will be stuffed so your partner can get out unharmed when things get too intense.

9. Fisting

Every time your partner sees a fisting porn, he probably has hinted that this is something he wants to try. Fisting refers to the act of putting an entire fist up in a vagina. This can be dangerous and should never be done in one try.

It takes time for a vaginal to open up to allow a fist to go in. If you want to try fisting, do it several times before your partner fully fists in. Use a lot of lube and understand that his fist will probably not fit for the first few times. Don't rush into it as it may cause lesion or internal bleeding. It may seem easy when they do it in porn, but remember that they have had years of practise. Always stop when it gets too painful or if you think you are suffering from a physical injury.

10. Virtual Sex

With lockdown still on-going in many places, virtual sex has become one of the most popular kinks when you can't physically see your partner. Virtual sex refers to all kinds of sexual acts done virtually. From sexting, to camera sex, or nudes, anything that fulfils your sex drive virtually.

Many couples are enjoying virtual sex as they can masturbate while watching their partner perform something sexy. Virtual sex gives one more control to pleasure himself while watching their partner doing arousing poses. Hop on a call with your partner far away and try it.


There are many different types of kinks you can try. Each is suitable for different people. You probably don't know which one works for you until you try. Bottom line is, discuss with your partner beforehand to see what is comfortable and where the boundary is.

Kinks should be a fun and exciting way to spice up your sex life and keep things interesting. Try out these 10 different erotic kinks next time with your partner and sex will never be the same again!