What the Jelq Is Jelqing?

Size doesn't matter, if you have a penis, you are a man!

By Michele
What the Jelq Is Jelqing?

Not being rude, but men have a strange obsession with the size and performance of their penis. This is true even if men don’t agree with it. Men always wanted to have a big tool, as their natural size has never pleased them enough. There is another thing and that is: women are not much concerned about the dimensions of a man’s penis.

Sex is an art, as I have stated again and again. Being hung and still being unable to please your lover won’t make up for the guilt you have related to your size. So men should focus on enhancing their overall sex performance and that is only possible if, they are satisfied with whatever nature has gifted them with. Here, I am going to discuss What the Jelq Is Jelqing?

What Is Jelqing?

It is a penis enlargement technique, which is quite old, that helps men add some size to their penis. Though, no proper scientific research has been done in this regard. Still, several men resort to this practice of stretching their penis for gains.

The idea of jelqing originated in the Middle East, several years ago. In this process a man massages and pulls his penis with the help of his fingers to stretch it. Currently, there are special devices available in the market, which support this form of exercise.

The main theory behind this exercise is the principle of muscle building. Supposedly, when you apply stress on the penile tissues, tiny tears develop that cause the tissues to break down. Once used to this form of stretching the affected area becomes thick, as it continues to repair itself. Same as the process of lifting weights and causing muscles to grow.

But the biggest misconception is that a penis is not similar to your bicep. The reason being, it is not a muscle that will subject itself to growth through the proper workout. But still, if you search over the internet, you will come across various blogs and YouTube videos that demonstrate how to jelq in a proper manner without harming your penis. It’s a strange phenomenon.

Astoundingly, those videos have thousands and millions of views. So you know now why I was talking about men being passionate about the size of their penis? According to the publisher of one video, over YouTube, he has claimed that he was able to add three solid inches to the existing length of his penis. And he was able to increase the size within two years.  Apart from that, people also say that jelqing helps in getting better erections and treats erectile dysfunction.

The sad part is that there is no scientific evidence available to support these assertions.

Does Jelqing Even Deliver Any Benefits?

For some guys, jelqing might be equal to masturbation, but that is not the case. The process does not involve any sort of self-pleasure. It is an exercise through which one attempts to increase the size of his penis. How can you even feel horny if you are trying to stretch the sensitive skin of your penis to its maximum length?

This upward pulling technique doesn’t lead to orgasm. It is highly instructed to avoid jelqing when the penis is erect. Do it, while your penis is soft so that no serious damage is done. It is a lot of hard work, doing all this stretching for twenty minutes daily! 

All of the programs available online are based on a regime of several months that includes exercises and a special diet. Neither the exercise nor the diet is approved by any of the relevant medical specialists. There are a few men, who claim that these exercises have helped gain a few inches while others term it as complete bullshit.

What needs to be done is that a special clinical trial was conducted to determine the advantages of jelqing. A large sample base needs to be gathered with men having below the average penis size. Currently, doctors do not recommend this practice, as it can lend more harm than good to your penis.

Can Jelqing Be Dangerous?

If you continue to pull your penis, you will harm the delicate arteries, veins, and nerves present in your penis. This can make your penis insensitive and decrease sexual feelings. Or in other words, it can be said that you might face erectile dysfunction in the long run. Several men, who have been jelqing too hard, have reported that they experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Men need to understand that having a proper erection is more important than having a huge penis. What are you going to do if you are unable to do well in bed? Your partner will be utterly disappointed! Not by the size of your penis but by its performance.

A man’s penis has two important arteries on both sides, which swell after sexual arousal to deliver the required amount of blood to the penis. While these arteries dilate the surrounding veins are compressed. This mechanism ensures a proper supply of blood to the penis without causing blood to flow out of the penis. That is how a guy achieves a boner. Furthermore, a penis has several nerves on the top that transmit lovely sensations to the brain after getting sexually excited.

According to a sex expert, he has seen several cases of male patients, who developed complications related to erectile dysfunction after trying jelqing. Because they damage the arteries and veins that were responsible for holding blood. Once they get unresponsive, it becomes very difficult to achieve and maintain an erection. And these symptoms at a young age are quite concerning.

In the same manner, the nerve endings present on the top of the penis can be traumatized too and that would make you feel bland during sex. Once the nerves can’t sense sexual pleasure what you are going to do? Nothing! That’s painful.

What Should Guys Do If They Want To Jelq?

Without any doubt this practice is risky. According to sex experts, most men opt for jelqing because they are insecure about their penis size and want to increase the length at any cost. Having a bigger penis will help increase their self-esteem. Penis anxiety is a serious disorder that can affect sexual performance. Professors of human sexuality have revealed that more and more men are risking their manhood by choosing penis enlargement surgery. And amazingly most of them have a good length.

What I have found is that porn movies have set unrealistic standards of sex for both men and women. This stigma cannot be eradicated easily. Men have developed a notion that they will have a successful sex life only if they have a large penis. That is unwarranted. Authentic medical studies have deduced that a large penis has no additional sexual benefits to offer for either sex. It is only about boosting the lost self-confidence.

There are a few men, who have been mocked for their penis size, and that bullying usually comes from their friends. Toxic masculinity and harmful stereotypes have lent a lot of damage. It can be termed as a serious body damage issue to those guys, who are already in some sort of complex.

Before jelqing or trying any other penis enlargement method, I highly recommend you to visit a urologist or a sex therapist. They will help address your issues related to sexual performance and the size of your penis in a clinical manner.

Once, you can get rid of your insecurities by incorporating new sex strategies and positions, your sexual performance will receive a fresh boost. It takes a little effort to make sex enjoyable for the couple. Medical experts carry out their treatment in a manner, which has been approved by the FDA. Problems related to erectile dysfunction and curvature of the penis can be treated easily.

And above all the issues, you need to choose a partner who is going to love and accept you the way you are. If you are attracted to someone, you won’t ask for his penis size. That’s absurd. There is nothing wrong with the size of your penis and keep that in mind. And no one can humiliate you or degrade you over that.


I hope that you have realized What the Jelq Is Jelqing? And its consequences! There is no need to listen to anyone around and stop watching porn movies. They can damage you mentally and physically. Stay realistic.

Have a healthy routine: exercise daily, eat healthily, and have a sound sleep. Stay away from sources that cause stress or anxiety or depression. And your sex life would be amazing! It is that simple!