Tired of Doggy-Style Feelin’ Supes Uncomfy? Try These 10 Easy Fixes

Help each other in the doggystyle's Ups and Downs of your sex life!

By Michele
Tired of Doggy-Style Feelin’ Supes Uncomfy? Try These 10 Easy Fixes

Doggy style is perhaps one of the most favorite and comfortable positions for sex, but prolonged intercourse can make it somewhat boring. And when you get bored, you start fidgeting. There is another issue, if your guy is big down there then having sex in this position can be challenging.

Ah, but what can women do about it much? Guys love doing it while women are on their four. I wonder if this position gives guys a sheer sense of dominancy, holding the butts or love handles with their hands and seeing their little man going in and out. Or this position allows a maximum degree of penetration. Probably these are the only two conditions, which make doggy position a favorite for intercourse.

What happens during doggy style?

Right after you bend down and get on your knees and hands and are ready to take it, your pelvis adjusts itself in such a manner that the length of the vagina gets short. For better understanding, we can say that the vaginal canal is scrunched up.

While on the other hand, your partner has complete authority over speed and degree of penetration. What happens is that the penis starts putting pressure on the vaginal canal, which is already compromised, and eventually it can lead to painful sensation due to unwanted pressure. 

What you need to do here is adjust your angle and speed. After trying missionary sex, doggy-style sex feels different. It is a great feeling. As you are not accustomed to the depth of penetration and angle, so it leads to different sensations. Another factor that needs to be kept in mind for comfortable sex is your partner’s penis. Its girth, length, and size play a vital role in stimulating your vagina.

Even a slight bend in your partner’s penis can change the dimensions of this position for you. Do let your partner know if it’s getting uncomfortable or painful. Change your angles and see where and how it starts feeling better.

Again, you need to tell your partner that he needs to control the thrust and penetration while doing it. Guys can go deep during doggy style and that makes them horny. That is why they start pounding intensely during this position.

Having a sensitive cervix can further make things unbearable. In that case, you need to communicate your discomfort to your partner and ask him to control his movement. Slow and deliberate intercourse can make it more pleasurable. It depends on overall anatomy and for most cases; speed adjustment is the only factor that requires to be addressed.

There are only a few reasons for which this position might get uncomfortable. And once you figure it out, it will get very easy to adjust yourself and start feeling better. Sex is all about having fun, and what’s the use of it, if it doesn’t make you orgasm?

Tired of Doggy-Style Feelin’ Supes Uncomfy? Try These 10 Easy Fixes

As I have educated you about the possible problems, it’s time that I put forward the best fixes to avoid uncomfortable doggy-style sex.

1. Start it in a basic manner

So as you know it all starts from the back, the receiver faces away from the giver and gets on her knees and hands. Some like doing it while staying on their knees and hands for the whole time, some prefer leaning down so that the hip is raised further. The giver can do it while standing or kneeling on the bed or any other platform. Most of the work is done by the giving partner.

2. Controlling the depth of penetration

As said earlier, a big penis with deep drilling can make it intense for the vagina to handle pressure. To address this problem, ask your partner to perform shallow movements and this will still stimulate your vagina. For some time, you can take control of the momentum by thrusting backward in a gentle manner. Besides, repositioning your knees, back and arms can also help eliminate any sort of discomfort.

3. Feeling the penetration

To feel him completely, you will need to get closer and ask your partner to hold your back up, so that it stays in the same position. This angle will also help remove any sort of pressure on your knees. If you try another thing and that is, extend your arms in front of you and allow your partner to do it from the back. What happens is that you clear the vaginal canal and penetration occur without any sort of obstruction. To make it even better, you will need to spread your knees, don’t worry you will not lose your balance.

4. Adjusting the height difference

This is something that can be dealt with easily, no need to worry. All you need to do is contain the gap and that is possible by kneeling to a comfortable extent and raising your vagina and asking your partner to stay on his knees too. This will make up for any sort of height difference. Use all the pillows and cushions available to make it cozy. Put them under your elbows or knees to adjust the height and remove any sort of discomfort.

5. Using additional support

For some couples, doggy style leaves a legacy of aches and pains, which should not be the case. It is a really lovely style, as instructed; make use of pillows and cushions during this position. And yeah, there are special sex cushions available too, shaped in the form of a wedge, roller, and circle.  They help distribute the weight in an even manner and remove pressure and friction from elbows and knees. To make this position fun, you can choose a new location that is comfortable and much more entertaining. Like your kitchen or even the dining area.

6. Increasing the level of stimulation

Ask your partner to play with your genitals and introduce him to other parts of your body while doing it in the doggy style. Work on different erogenous zones at the same time. Ask your partner to stimulate your nipples and suck on your ear lobes at the same time. In the same manner, asking your partner to pull your hair or to run his hands on your chest and beneath, will lead to extreme sexual excitement. You know how your body works and what arouses you sexually. So tell your partner and do it accordingly.

7. Making use of sex toys

Yeah, use them while having it in doggy style! Include anal beads, if you are okay with, a cock ring for your partner or nipple clamps or fox tail anal plug or waist strap for doggy style or feather ticklers or anything else that comes to your mind. Just buy it and use it to enhance your experience. By including sex toys, you will indulge multiple areas of stimulation in one go. Hence, intense orgasm and less worry!

8. Creativity is the key

I hope, you guys will become pros at doggy style soon. To spice things further, move in front of a large wall mirror and see each other while doing it. It generates an immense sense of pleasure. Having eye contact and seeing each other naked from a different angle. If only if, you are into bondage stuff then start with spanking and allow your partner to dominate you in a wild manner. He can scratch your back, put you on a choker, whip you red and pull your hair.

9. Trying anal sex

Switching the point of entry, once your vagina is well stimulated it can turn the heat up. Ask your partner to make use of your anus to do it in the doggy style. Use plenty of lube and relax your muscles before anal play. Going from vagina to anal is okay, but not from anal to vagina. Once the anus is penetrated it becomes important to clean the tool and then perform vaginal penetration. Any sort of bacteria from the anus can lead to vaginal infection.  So stay clean and play fair.

10. Getting kinky with food

Imagine dripping some chocolate or caramel sauce over your back and asking your partner to lick it while he does it! Isn’t it sexy? Or spread some whipped cream here and there and tell him to kiss and lick you before he eats it off. This is a good turn-on for several people, who are comfortable with food fetish.


The only most important matter is that you need to take your partner on board when it comes to doggy-style sex. Every issue needs to be well communicated to have a good time.

If you try, Tired of Doggy-Style Feelin’ Supes Uncomfy? Try These 10 Easy Fixes; you will never fail at it. There is a lot to experiment with and have fun with. Time to get on all fours!