Everything You Need to Know About the Amazon Sex Position

Let’s make love, then have hot amazon sex.

By Michele
Everything You Need to Know About the Amazon Sex Position

It is fun trying different positions for sex and doing something creative that helps reach orgasm. There is one thing that you need to follow and that is: always keep on incorporating new sex styles into your routine. You would not ever get bored of sex or your partner if you keep it alive.

Thanks to the various blogs that we have that educate us about sex and its intricacies. Here, I will discuss Everything You Need to Know About the Amazon Sex Position. For many couples, it would be something new. You might have seen porn actors doing this position in any of the adult movies.

What Is Amazon Position?

In amazon sex position a woman usually sits on top of a guy. No, it is not like the cowgirl sex position. There is a difference. For this position, your partner will lie down with his back straight, raise his legs and bring his knees close to his chest. Meanwhile, you will place your vagina right above his erect penis and start moving down, while grabbing his knees. Once it is inside. All you need to do is take command and manage the level of penetration.

You will experience that your man offers a natural push to you with the help of his thighs. What you need to do is take care of your man’s penis during this position, as it will be bent backward and a slight mistake in the angle could make it painful for him.

You can practice this position a couple of times to get perfect at it. It might sound somewhat difficult or strange, but trust me it’s worth a try. Give a woman sense of dominance and makes it easier for her to control the speed and level of penetration.

Role Of A Woman In Amazon Sex Position

If you are having it the amazon way, your topmost priority would be to get in form and minimize the chances of hurting your man’s penis. And making sure that both of you are comfortable and enjoying it. 

To ease the pressure off your legs, you can lean on your man’s legs. This will make it easy to distribute weight and stay in that position for as much time as possible. Before taking his penis inside your vagina, I would recommend getting into this position first of all.

Then you can allow his shaft to enter your hole and slowly pull it up and down. These first strokes need to be very smooth. You cannot afford to harm the delicate structure of the penis. Meanwhile, ask him how it feels and adjust your pressure accordingly.

Role Of A Man In Amazon Sex Position

To be honest a man doesn’t get a lot to do while being in this position. All he needs to do is remain flexible to hold his legs up and close to his chest. They need to be out of your way. During sex, he can make use of thighs to bring you up and down on his erect penis. That is all.

Is The Amazon Position Meant For Women?

This sex position allows great liberty of trying and experiencing different power dynamics, especially for the woman. But it requires ample core and squat strength to master this position. But it is a power position for women, who prefer to stay on the top during sex. It gives a very different feeling and sense of command while your partner is right below you in a traditional female sex position, while his legs are spread apart.

This position also adds to the visual charm. If you get the chance of seeing porn, you will come to know that it looks quite hot. While every couple can't enjoy this position, but it needs to be tried once at least to give a chance to your erotic imaginations to become alive. It is fun to try porn-level acrobats during sex and look like a pro. This position offers a good amount of direct eye contact.

For all those women, who experience trouble with deep penetration, this position can solve all of their problems. During amazon sex position, it is nearly impossible to have the entire length of penis up your vagina. Your partner’s legs will act as a buffer and offer your vagina greater control. So, you are in charge and can control the rhythm of penetration. It is up to you if you want to move sideways or up and down or in circles. With time, you will learn how to derive pleasure from this position.  

Just like the cowgirl sex position, the amazon sex position also allows you to have direct access to your clit. But to play with your clitoris and be able to stimulate it, you will need to remain balanced throughout. If you cannot do it directly, take help from a clitoris stimulator or your partner. It is one of the best positions for stimulating your clitoris.

What Are The Advantages Of The Amazon Sex Position?

One of the most prominent advantages of the amazon sex position is that it facilitates direct eye contact and sexual attachment with the partner. Women sitting on the top must be supported comfortably on the thighs of a man to be able to sustain this challenging position. Stimulating the clitoris becomes very easy, as your hands are free to do the play during this position.

If your man is strong enough to get up and grab you from behind it could help in reaching mutual orgasm. But experts recommend that giver, lying on the bottom, leave it on the taker, sat above, to enjoy the full control. It makes it easier for the couple to have fun while trying this daring position.

With this position, you can use different sex toys of your choice. For men, a cock ring is the best choice and for women, clit stimulating vibrator can do the job. If there are any other toys that you prefer and find them easy to use during amazon position, can be included too.

These are the few advantages, which you experience in the amazon position. We can say that it is fairly a more suitable position for women who like it their way and whose partners have a lengthy shaft. This position is not advised for those men, who don’t have a long penis. As the level of penetration will be very less and it won’t make fun for either of you. 

What Are The Possible Disadvantages Of The Amazon Sex Position?

Above everything, the amazon sex position requires flexibility, strength, and stability. Hence, it is not for those, who are physically unfit. It can be a source of stress, as there is a lot of pressure on different parts of the body while doing it. So you need to be physically active for such a sort of sexual stunt. And yeah, your core plays an important role in this position. Make it tough.

Before trying this position, discuss its implications with your man. It is not important to forcefully do anything just for the sake of its name. Several other positions can be tried to enjoy sex and have an orgasm. 

Do Men Enjoy Sex In This Position?

Yes, men do have fun while trying this position. Even if it doesn’t offer a complete and deep penetration, but still it’s stimulating enough for the man. A man having a big penis will enjoy more during this position, as it will allow him to reach the depths of the vagina. The same goes for the women. They will like it more with a long cock that can stimulate the inner vagina.

And some men might even like their woman, being on the top and taking control of sex. This passive role helps them create a special bond with their partner. What’s wrong with lending your partner the chance to act as a giver while taking it up and down? I don’t see anything problematic with that. We can say that it is an enjoyable sex position for both men and women.


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I hope that Everything You Need to Know About the Amazon Sex Position, is present in this read. I have done my research and included and discussed the best topics that would help guide you and stay clear of any myths.

Sex should never be boring when you have tons of different positions to try and hundreds of different sex toys to further heat things up. Time to act active-passive!