4 People on When They Realized They Had Foot Fetishes

Cinderella was lucky as she got her shoe back along with a charming foot fetish prince!

By Michele
4 People on When They Realized They Had Foot Fetishes

We all have our very own specific turn-ons when it comes to sex. Some people get attracted towards intelligence or humor, while others look for some sort of physical attributes. Here, we are going to discuss a very specific turn-on or sexual fantasy more commonly known as foot fetish.   

In this conversation, I have included 4 People on When They Realized They Had Foot Fetishes. They explain exactly what foot worship is all about and how it helps them get sexually aroused. If compared with women, the percentage of men inclined towards foot worship is certainly greater.

What is a foot fetish?

We also call it a foot fetish podophilia, where socks, shoes, stockings, legs, or feet trigger sexual arousal. People having a foot fetish get aroused by any of the above-listed parts or things, as they find them sexy and fun. Foot fetish is fun as it involves receiving or giving a foot massage, receiving or giving a foot job, exchanging foot pictures, kissing different areas of feet, or sucking on toes.

Foot fetish is normal and safe. Just make sure that that the toenails are well-trimmed and there are no wounds or sores present over the feet.

Real Experiences of People about Foot Fetish

1st Real Story of foot fetish

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I was 18 years of age and it was my last year at the school. During all that time, I found Tania, my class fellow, to be extremely attractive. Often I had seen her wearing black shoes with white socks. Once during our dance practice, I saw her removing her socks and got a glimpse of her well-pedicured feet, and instantly fell in love with them. She noticed me having a detailed look at her feet.

Every single day, I used to dream about her sexy feet. One day I got to know that she is shifting so, I took the chance and offered her help with moving stuff and all. She said would let me know and right after two weeks she asked me for my help and I instantly agreed.

Right next day, I was at her place helping her with packing all her belongings. During that, we had a good conversation and enjoyed light humor. She got a cramp and after that removed her shoes. That was the second time, I saw her amazing feet. Milky and juicy! My heart stopped. Nails had a dark red paint that further added to the beauty of her lusty feet. Could not stop staring!

At that moment I was damn sure that I had a super foot fetish. Tania was relaxing on a couch with her feet all bare. She asked me to place a footstool in front of her. It was my chance to kneel in front of her and get closer to her feet. I placed the stool and she commanded me to bring her a glass of water. Like an obedient guy, I went to the kitchen and got water for her. The whole moment, I was trying to hide my precum.

After a few minutes, Tania asked me to stand in front of her and told me to call her madam. I was astonished. It all just started suddenly. And asked me that why I kept on staring at her feet. I was speechless. She then inquired if I would be her servant and make love to her beautiful feet?

I instantly replied yes! And then she asked for a foot massage. I started worshipping her feet with my hands. They were the softest feet, I managed to relax her feet for more than half an hour. After that, she told me to do all the packing and moving, as she was feeling extremely tired. Hoping for more, I was obliged to manage her boxes.

During that time she asked me for a foot massage twice and I made sure that I left her pleased. My testosterone was rocketing. After all the shifting was done, she asked me to kneel in front of her. Like a commanding officer, she placed her feet in front of my lips and ordered me to lick them. Gosh, the smell was amazing. She gently rubbed her soft feet over my face and then towards my chest and finally placed them on my cock.

She started pressing and rubbing the area around my cock with her bare feet. The horniest experience for me! Tania asked me to take my cock out so that her toes can touch it and help me cum. After a few minutes of intense rubbing, I came all over her feet. The orgasm was intense. She drained cum out of my balls. And once done she ordered me to clean her feet. I washed them with a wet towel and rested beside her for a while. Certainly my first and best foot fetish experience!   

2nd Real Story of foot fetish

I enjoyed a strange attraction that I had for Camilla during my freshman year. She used to enjoy my inappropriate jokes. What attracted me were her feet that were mostly covered with loafer socks. For me, it was a mystery to unlock the hidden beauty of her feet. I wasn’t sure if, I had some sort of foot fetish or not.  

Once during a group assignment, I was left alone with Camilla. And it was quite difficult for me to work on my presentation and slides while being alone and catching a glimpse of her well-arched soles. After some time, we collapsed on a beanie beg side by side to rest for a while. It was a strange pause, but I gathered the courage to make meaningful eye contact with her. That would convince her to allow me to enjoy her feet.

Started massaging her feet and we were uncertain. I removed her socks and started giving her a nice rub. I don’t know what happened but, I took her feet towards my lips and gave them a quick kiss. My bulge was getting prominent. She was okay.

I kissed her feet and rubbed them over my face for a long time until one of our friends came to the door. Had to quit, but we used to discuss foot fetish quite often. And I was glad that she always allowed me to fulfill my foot fetish desires.

3rd Real Story of foot fetish

One day after finishing work, I was sitting with my coworker Lizzie waiting for our ride. Our conversation took a strange turn, as she said that one of our colleagues has a foot fetish. And asked me at the same time if, I had any fetish? In my head, I was thinking hard if, I should tell her about my foot fetish or not. I told her that I also had a foot fetish! She was amazed and told me about her finger fetish. She loved to suck fingers and asked me if she could do that with me. Man, it was amazing I was turned on.

I asked her if I could worship her feet some time to which she agreed! She also said that she would get her feet and nails done so that her first experience becomes a memorable one. We fixed a day and remained in touch till our time came. That day we started by making out on the couch and proceeded to the bedroom where I could suck her toes and lick her feet comfortably. The taste and smell of her feet were amazing. After a lengthy session of foot worship, she gave me a foot job that, I would never forget.

4th Real Story of foot fetish

I remember once I went to a remote shoe shop trying different shoes. As I Was in a hurry, I allowed the salesperson to select a comfortable pair for me while I waited and tried different shoes. Initially, I noticed nothing peculiar about the way he was handling my feet and removing shoes. But once I looked into his eyes they were filled with lust – not for me, but my feet.

He was grabbing them gently and doing everything to touch my feet as much as possible. As I had heard about foot fetish, I unwillingly allowed him to please himself. I wasn’t that comfortable. But the way he was touching my feet turned me on. Right after trying the final shoe, I brought my feet in front of his face. Without any hesitation, he started licking them in a very sexy manner.

Making sure that no one was around, I gave him a couple of minutes so that he could fulfill his foot fetish. To be honest I did enjoy all the love that my feet got. But do not understand that how a foot job is better than a blow job for men?

I left the store after paying him and he inquired for my number. I politely told that stranger, I was a visitor but complimented his tongue movement. He seemed pleased but unsatisfied. Sorry, I had to rush.


After going through 4 People on When They Realized They Had Foot Fetishes, you will conclude that it is a real thing. Foot worship is an integral part of sex for several men and women too, it helps them in getting sexually excited by licking or kissing their partners' feet.

Let’s not label the practice of foot worship a stigma anymore. Who doesn’t wants to explore every inch of their lover’s body? So always stay clean and smell good, you never know when your moment is there!