10 Homemade Sex Toys You Need to Try

Still buying sex toys? You probably don't realize your house is already full of the best homemade sex toys ever!

By Kimmy
10 Homemade Sex Toys You Need to Try

Are Homemade Sex Toys Popular?

Yes. Creativity is off the charts for those who lust after sex. Homemade sext toys are great and popular. Not everyone has access to sex toys in their area. Besides, some sex toys are ridiculously expensive. No one should pay that much for enjoy an orgasm. It should be cheap and wonderful!

For those who share their room with others, it's not always easy to hide an obvious piece of sex toy in plain sight. That's when people need an alternative. Homemade sex toys are just as good as the $100 dildo you buy in shops. There is so many options and varieties you can find in everyday household items and transform them into the funnest sex toys ever.

Safety With Homemade Sex Toys

In general, homemade sex toys are safe and very affordable. Most of the items can be used during sex and won't hurt your body. There are many DIY videos teaching you how to build the best homemade dildo. Some of those mixtures are complicated, bad for your skin, and will never work.

Simplicity is key. You don't want to go through the complex process for a toy that you are not even supposed to put in your vagina. All of the items in this article are safe to use for sex but make sure you check the materials before using it for allergies.

Read on to find out the best 10 homemade sex toys you can easily introduce to your sex life!

10 Homemade Sex Toys You Need to Try

1. Wooden Spoon

The magic of a spoon for orgasms is underrated. The shape of a spoon can perfectly caress your clitoris and gives you better stimulation than a dildo. The curvature of a soup spoon sits grat around your flaps. Wooden spoons offer the best feeling and texture. Metal or plastic spoons are often too cold and feel very hard.

For the best experience, you can put lube on the wooden spoon to make it go smoothly. Now is the time to put a wooden spoon aside for some fun time in bed alone!

2. Candles

You'd be surprised how common wax play is and how many people are turned on by it. After 50 Shades of Grey changed the BDSM landscape and made dominant role play commo, more people are open to experimenting it. Candles are in almost every household. It can be a great addition to your impact play.

Wax from candles are not very hot and won't really cause any burn. Try it next time with your partner and drip some down your belly. Be careful to avoid sensitive areas like around the eyes as the temperature can still be too high for thin skin.

3. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is the oil everyone should have. If you don't have lubes specifically for your vagina, cocounut oil is a superb replacement. Coconut oil is a fantastic natural lube that can be used during sex and massages. It's amazing what a small item in your fridge can add to your sex life.

However, don't mix up cocunut oil with other types of oil. Not every type of oil can be put in your vagina, some can cause serious irritation. Coconut oil is natural and neutral, making it a great choice. Don't use coconut oil with latex condoms as it damages the condom's ability to protect you.

4. Feather Duster

The sofy and tingling sensation when a feather duster caresses through your back. It's sexy and make you horny. A feather duster is a excellent complement to your role play collection. It gives a gentle touch to your skin. Besides, it just looks cool in a role play.

Put on a dominatric costume and wipe out a feather duster. It will guarantee to turn your partner on immediately. The feeling of having a feather touching the skin is a massive turn on for many.

5. Massage Gun

Sometimes, you are not comfortable having a dildo at home. Perhaps you live with your parents, perhaps you share a room with your college roommate. Either way, there can be substitutes for the fun vibrator. A massage gun can give off the same orgasmic feeling if you know which one to choose for.

Pick one that has similar frequencies and shape to your favorite vibrator. A massage gun is way easier to explain than a full-time vibrator. Don't be shocked to see how many college students use their massage gun on their vagina. Be careful to choose the very gentle ones as massage guns are often much stronger. You should only put it around your clitoris but not inside your vagina for safety reasons.

6. Belt

You know some naughty spanking is coming when you see someone wipe out their belt. A belt is the perfect start to an impact play. All you need is the belt on your jeans. Take it off and start giving your partner a spank is the ass.

A belt can also be used as a choke collar in any BDSM play. It's the fantasy for many couples to do some BDSM play. But a lot don't know where to look or start for their very first time. So a belt is an easily accessible item that fulfils your fantasy without making a huge purchase on costumes.

7. Socks

Socks are the secret trick to giving the best hand job. Socks are smooth and can wrap around the penis much tigher and better. Put some lube on the socks and you can give your partner or yourself an experience of a lifetime.

Soak your socks in some lube and start rubbing your partner to give them the best hand job ever. Thick and warm cotton socks often work the best. Your partner will be impressed by your skills once you bring socks into the picture. Socks are one of the cheapest, yet the best options you can bring to your sex life.

8. Mints

You read that right, mints. Mints offer a fresh breath of feeling and is great for oral sex. Many couples have noted that putting mints in the mouth before giving oral is a better experience for both sides. For the one receiving it, the mint gives off a cool sensation which is wonderful. For the one giving it, the mints give a better taste as not everyone enjoy the smell of their partner's private parts.

Many couples also like to put edible minty cream or ice cream for an exciting sex play. The freezing sensation is not comparable.

9. Exercise Ball

Just like in porn, there are many awesome sex positions you can do with an exercise ball. For any yoga lover, there will be an exercise ball in the house. You can try some difficult and exotic positions with your partner with the aid of an exercise ball.

A lot of people combined the use of other sex toys with an exercise ball. Interestingly, an exercise ball is also very popular for orgies. The fun you can get with this giant ball is immeasurable.

10. Necktie

Want to try rough play but a rope sounds too scary? How about starting with a nectie? A necktie is good for beginners in trying rough plays. You can control the strength and intensity very easily without hurting your partner too much. Neckties are readily available for most workers and make a great household essential for homemade sex toys!

Inspirations For More Homemade Sex Toys

Aside from these 10 best homemade sex toys you need to try, there are many items lying around in your house that can work as a sex toy. If there's a will, there's way. Usually, the most common items are often the best. A spatula can be used for spanking, Your phone can connect to an app that turn it into a DIY vibrator. Stacked pillows feel just like a vagina when you try to hump them!

The list goes on. The only limitation is your imagination. That's what so great about homemade sex toys. People are often discussing new ideas for homemade sex toys on Reddit. You'd be surprised how creative people get when it comes to sex.

If you have any casual daily items in your house, think how you can transform them into a sex toy. It will be a fun experience for you and your partner!


These homemade items are readily available in every household and can be the best sex toys you have ever tried. They are cheap, subtle, and work like a charm. It's time to keep these items in your bed, right where they belong!