Women Masturbating: 10 Ways to Have an Orgasm

Masturbate is free of cost pleasure, how might you make people pay?

By Michele
Women Masturbating: 10 Ways to Have an Orgasm

Men talk about it and do it a lot, but you know what? Women do it too! According to a survey conducted in the U.S, it was found that women belonging to the age group of 18-40 masturbate 3 to 4 times a month. This ratio is for both single and married women. For some women, self-pleasure is one of the purest forms of sexual satisfaction.

Exercise helps in getting rid of stress and leads to a better mood and even sleep. The same is the effect of masturbation on your body once you reach orgasm. All those women who want to masturbate must know that it is a natural and safe way of feeling good. See how your body gets stimulated and release sexual tension.   

Here, I am going to discuss Women Masturbating: 10 Ways to Have an Orgasm. Play solo and have fun!

What are the Possible Health Benefits of Masturbating?

Every woman deserves a rewarding sex life, with or without a partner. Getting to know your body can help you in reaching climax and feeling satisfied.  Masturbation is a private activity and can be termed as a beneficial practice of self-care.

When you reach the state of orgasm, your brain releases a ton of neurochemicals and hormones that include dopamine and serotonin. They ultimately give a sense of immense satisfaction and pleasure. Oxytocin is another chemical released during orgasm that gives a sense of closeness, affection, and wellbeing. It ultimately helps in lowering anxiety and stress.

All of the chemicals stated above, relax your body and help with a sound sleep. Once you have reached the climax your body starts releasing vasopressin that accompanies melatonin to regulate your sleep cycle. A few chemicals help relax while others leave you satisfied, it is a perfect combination for getting deep REM sleep.

Sexologists and sex educators recommend masturbating once a week so that your mind can calm down. It further helps in getting in touch with your body and focusing on one's sexual happiness. So you stop thinking about anything else that can bother you. Even if it is for a little while!

Studies have also revealed that masturbation helps women in avoiding cramps, back, and joint ache, and even migraines. In the same manner, during masturbation, the blood flow is improved towards the vulva that eventually assists with lubrication. Sex experts tell that this sort of sexual arousal can help relieve discomfort caused due to vaginal dryness.

There are several mental and physical benefits of masturbation. You also need to know that excess of anything is bad. So just masturbate while you are really in the mood and want to relax.

How to Get Started?

Masturbation, if done right, can help attain a crazy orgasm. For that, you will need to prepare well so that your body is ready to embrace that endorphin rush. Let’s see what you need to do.

Get in the mood

For a good solo session, make up your mind to get ready.  Choose a comfortable place with very low lighting. Put some gentle music on and even a few candles to enjoy aromatherapy.

Get some lube

Though your body will start self-lubricating, still it is recommended to have a lube nearby. That will double your pleasure and will also decrease friction, which could be otherwise uncomfortable.

Get thinking

Turn yourself on by imagining a porn scene, story, or even a recent sexual encounter that you had. Allow your mind to get wild and fantasize about the horny moments. Think about anything that could send tingles down your spine.

Get going

There is no need to hurry. Play around and examine your body. Choose different techniques that will make masturbation sensational for you. Be in the moment.

Get adventurous

Start playing with your thighs, ears, and even nipples. Stimulating erogenous zones can send sparks of immense pleasure to different parts of your body.

Here, I have shared simple steps that would help in getting started. Follow them and allow your body to enjoy them. It might take some time to control your body before or during the climax. But it is all fun.

10 Ways to Have an Orgasm

Now, I am going to share some interesting methods through which you can achieve orgasm. And once you get addicted, you will always find time, at least once a week, to please your body. Let’s see how it’s done.

1. Make Use of Your Imagination

Choose a position that is comfortable for you. And allow your brain and even hands to do the job. You can masturbate while you are on your knees or lying on your bed. It will take a lot of time to reach orgasm. For most women, it takes nearly 20 to 25 minutes to orgasm. And after that, you are all relieved and relaxed. The more you imagine about sex the more it would help in reaching climax. Take help from porn. It would stimulate your senses.

2. Do not Work in a Hurry

Orgasm takes time. So just do not get panicky. After developing a proper sex scenario, you can make use of a stimulator, vibrator, or even a dildo. Or if you don’t have anything, your fingers can work magic too. For most women, the use of fingers helps in getting the desired orgasm. Sex toys can lead to orgasm within a few minutes, as they work fast to stimulate your organs. So if you are not in hurry, just make use of your fingers and cherish each moment.

3. Play Some Music

While you are planning to masturbate have some sort of music in the background. It can be soft porn music or even porn videos. Don’t play them too loud, as it is no fun. Keep it private and evoke your senses. Music helps in strengthening your imagination and that eventually leads to a better quality of orgasm.

4. Use Different Sex Toys

Apart from your fingers, sex toys can be really helpful too. There are different varieties and trust me you will get confused. But the best sex toys for women masturbating are those that help in arousing the clitoris and internal and external tissues of the vagina. Several women opt for anal vibrators too, as they deliver a sheer sense of sexual arousal. Stimulating the anal area with a dildo automatically activates the walls of the vagina. Double the pleasure!

5. Do it When You are Ready

There is a difference between masturbating and attaining orgasm. If you are in a hurry, have to go somewhere, and horny too, mere masturbation won’t lead to an orgasm. You need to be free. There should not be any sort of tension in the back of your mind.

6. Do Some Food Experiment

Your solo play needs to be exciting. Get some fruits or cream ready. Food play can evoke other senses that can eventually help in getting a better orgasm. Snack a bit, play with food and you will see how horny you get within a few minutes.

7. Go Wild

Yes, you heard it right! For that, you will need to play with your vagina and anus at the same time. But you will need to take care of your hygiene. If you are using sex toys, keep different toys for each opening, do not mix them. Stay safe. If you learn how to excite your both holes at the same time trust me, you will feel a real week in your knees after masturbating.

8. Go for Adult Massage

If you think it is suitable for you, opt for an adult massage. Depends on you, if you want a girl or a guy to get you sexually excited. Adult massage sessions have a proper ending that includes a lengthy masturbation session. If you can get any in your area it would be ultimate fun.

9. Choose a Different Stimulant

It is not important for you to always use your fingers or toys to get excited. Sometimes simply rubbing your clitoris with a pillow or a bedsheet can do the job. Don’t get dependent on a few stimulants. Give mixed signals to your brain and that would enhance the quality of orgasm.

10. Masturbate Before You Sleep

It is highly suggested to initiate your masturbation session before you hit the bed. The reason being, all the chemicals released will leave you sleepy and relaxed. So the time is wisely.


Solo play needs to be safe, fun, and sexy through which you can explore your sexual desires and learn about your body. After you have read the benefits of masturbation there is no reason left to avoid some quality self-pampering sessions.

Masturbate the way you feel good and enjoy each moment of it!