What is the Attraction of Anal Sex? 5 Points on How to Try Anal Sex!

A is for Anal, let's get it on!

By Michele
What is the Attraction of Anal Sex? 5 Points on How to Try Anal Sex!

Do you think anal sex is a modern invention? Well no! Anal play or anal sex is an old practice through which people have been deriving sexual pleasure. Every culture has a different level of acceptance when it comes to anal play, but the desire is universal.

Anal sex can be termed as a keen fantasy of both men and women belonging to different parts of the globe. But it is a more popular practice in the Western world. According to a study conducted in 2015, it was found that nearly 50% of the women engage in anal sex, while the previous study of 1995 showed that only 30% of the women opted for anal sex.

Here you can see a definite rise in the number of women, who prefer anal sex. So, it means that anal sex is becoming popular. But what is the reason? In this read, I will discuss What Is the Attraction of Anal Sex? 5 Points on How to Try Anal Sex! I hope that your questions will be answered.

What Makes Anal Sex Desirable?

Though it is not considered as appropriate as normal vaginal sex, people have come up with some interesting reasons to opt for anal sex. Many folks term anal sex to be simply hot! According to psychologists, our complete body has a sexual appeal attached to it, be it of a man or a woman. Just like people get fascinated with feet or hair, when it comes to sexuality, they feel about the anus in the same manner. So you see my point tha0, it is more of a personal preference when it comes to anal sex.

Men like it raw and that experience is delivered by having anal sex and it’s not the same while penetrating a vagina. And the best thing is that the chances of pregnancy are zero with anal sex. That is why for many men and even women anal sex is a source of sheer carnal pleasure. General intimacy has its limits too. And among many couples, anal play is not considered a normal practice as it has some reservations attached to it.

But those couples, who form a consensus for having anal sex, tend to develop better levels of physical intimacy. The reason being, they are freely able to express to each other that they admire every part of each other’s body and there are no limits or hesitation when it comes to making and showing love. We can also say it like anal sex is a method of telling your partner that, I enjoy you completely and there is not a single part of your body that I want to miss. There is nothing that would put me off.

Many people describe the anus to be nearly as attractive as the vagina, but for some folks, its attraction is greater than any other part of the body. What happens is that when you like someone, it becomes very difficult to style anything negative about them. You like them wholeheartedly and want to experience together everything possible. And anal sex is one of the possibilities that cannot be left unexplored.

So we can easily say that anal sex has sexual and emotional aspects attached to it, which makes it pleasurable for both men and women. There is no harm in exploring every part of your partner’s body.

5 Points on How to Try Anal Sex

You are not the only one who wants to try anal sex. A taboo practice, but on the bed, nearly a good number of men and women have tried an anal play or anal sex. But before you opt for anal sex you must reach a mutual agreement and prepare your body for it. It is an amazing experience, which can be ruined by showing carelessness. Here are the five most important points that can make your anal experience divine!

1. Anal Sex Should Not Hurt

If done in the right manner, anal sex would not be painful at all. This is what clinical professors and sex experts have to say. For that, you will have to prepare your anus muscles before allowing any sort of penetration. Quit the idea of having anal if you are going through digestive problems or have hemorrhoids. First of all, have plenty of lube with you so that you can play with your rectum area and make the muscles used to of all the movement.

2. Use a Proper Lube

Inside the anus, there is no natural lubricant present unlike the vagina, which keeps on producing it for better penetration and sexual pleasure. A silicone-based lubricant is mostly recommended for anal sex, as it doesn’t get dry easily. Most of the women think that anal sex would stretch the rectum muscles permanently. It is not true. Anus only allows a certain amount of room to accommodate the penis and that stretch is temporary. Once the anal sex is finished the anus will bounce back to its normal size.

3. Start Slowly

To have anal sex it is very important to keep your body relaxed. Sex experts recommend having sex after you have reached climax. Before allowing any sort of penetration, gently massage the anus muscles with a soapy finger. It will clean and stimulate the area at the same time. Most of the beginners are concerned about experiencing pain and staying clean. So try this method in the shower or bathtub. Keep the movement gentle and use only the tips of your fingers.

4. Stimulate the Anus

Proper washing of the anal area will remove any sort of poop and will lead to a better orgasm.  And don’t worry about getting some poop in the way, as your partner would not be able to touch your large intestine where most of the fecal matter is stored. Anal sex has a liberating feeling for men and women. The rectum has a good number of sensitive nerves that can lead to intense stimulation and hence orgasm. So play it well.

5. Communicate and Execute

Before anal sex, tell your partner that you both need to stay safe and then have fun. Make sure that you choose good quality condoms. Reduce chances of hurting your rectum by minimizing friction. Tell your partner that anal tissues are fragile and any sort of fissure can lead to infection due to the presence of bad bacteria inside the anus. Oil-based lubes are not good for condoms, as they can cause them to break easily.

What to do After Anal Sex?

Just clean your rectum and your partners’ shaft carefully. Keep some wipes or towels with you to remove traces of poop if visible. But make sure that you eat healthily and stay clean. No one likes messy or smelly anal sex. In the same manner, if you use any toys for anal sex, clean them thoroughly and then disinfect them. There is no compromise over cleanliness.

After having anal sex, ask your partner to clean his shaft before penetrating your vagina or mouth. Minimize the chances of transmitting bacteria to other openings and avoid infection.  In the same manner, you need to wash your hands and fingers carefully after anal play.

What are the Safety Tips for Safer Anal Sex?

Sex can never be fully safe. But some precautionary measures can help reduce chances of anal injury or infection.

  • Always ask your partner to wear a condom during anal sex and then replace it with a new one if he intends to do penetrate the vagina.
  • You can even use condoms on anal toys and after using them, just properly clean the toys. Discard the condom.
  • Quit anal sex right once you feel that the pain is getting unbearable despite changing positions and using a generous amount of lube.
  • If there is any sort of continuous bleeding or a foreign object gets stuck in your anus, visit the emergency at once.

Practice safe sex so that you and your loved ones stay healthy!


After all anal sex is a great source of pleasure for both men and women. I hope that you have understood the points that I have shared related to anal sex. Implement them the next time and enjoy them in a better manner. Sex is all about giving and receiving pleasure, which is only possible if you follow safety and hygiene practices. Top of Form